How to make Easy Fourth of July Greeting Cards
Crafts - June 18, 2023

Are you looking to make a DIY American Flag Greeting Card? Celebrate Fourth of July, or send a Happy Fourth of July Greeting Cards to your favorite people. Even say thank you to our veterans with this DIY Flag card. It’s such a thoughtful sentiment. This is a fun activity for moms to do with their children.

flag card

The Fourth of July is coming up and I decided to make cute DIY Fourth of July greeting cards for friends and loved ones.  I’d like to do something fun, even if it’s just a patriotic DIY craft. It’s still rewarding to make something for someone else. People love fourth of July greeting cards!

This easy Fourth of July craft is fun for everyone to make, including the kids.  You can personalize it and use the supplies for future DIY projects. It can also be used for Memorial Day to honor those who lost their lives fighting for our country or Veteran’s Day.

We all love getting cards, especially now. I’d love to receive a Fourth of July greeting card from someone, especially since I will not be going out.

Celebrating The Fourth of July is definitely going to be different this year. That’s why I found something more personal to do.

I’m not sure if we will go anywhere.  It may be a very quiet Holiday for us since we are still staying home as much as possible. We could have an intimate gathering of just family and a couple close friends. Maybe I will make an easy red, white, and blue dessert.  Or we may just pick up food from a local restaurant.

Happy Fourth of July Greeting Cards: DIY American Flag greeting cards

So this year is an excuse to make a Fourth of July craft.

Check out how you can make easy DIY Fourth of July greeting cards below with just four supplies.


Paper Cutter



Washi Tape


Paint Chip Circles

The papercutter is something I use a lot.  We cut a lot of paper! It’s worth having one if you have kids. I also use Cardstock all the time for DIY products.


You can decorate however you want. 

  • Cut card stock
  • Add washi tape.  It gave it a lot of character.
blue paint chip circle
paint chip circle
  • The paint chip circles are fun to use and make flowers with.  Just fold twice.
folded blue paint chip cirlce
  • Then bend into the center and let go.  You can repeat and glue to another color.

You can really get creative with just these four supplies.  There are so many creative options!

What are you going to make?



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