How to make DIY Valentine’s Day Gnomes
Crafts - January 16, 2021

 DIY Valentine's Day Gnomes

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Valentine’s Day is creeping up so I’m getting started on something fun and new; I’ve always loved doing Valentine’s Crafts like hearts made out of recycled crayons. This year I’m making homemade Valentine Gnomes. I fell in love with Scandinavian gnomes and Nordic gnomes while visiting Finland.

Gnomes were everywhere. I brought some back and realized that they are all really popular during Christmas.

two side by side DIY Valentine's Day Gnomes

Since visiting Finland, I have become obsessed with Gnomes; Finnish Gnomes and Swedish Gnomes! I have decided to make some for Valentine’s Day.

So, I needed to learn how to make DIY Valentine’s Day Gnomes.

I am not a seamstress or a craft guru so if you think making this homemade gnome is hard, you’re wrong Anyone can do it. It’s really about the details that make them so cute.

I didn’t sew anything for this craft, I used a glue gun. This is hard to believe when looking at these cute gnomes, but it is really simple.

close up of  DIY Valentine's Day gnome hat

What kind of Hat should a Valentine Gnome Wear?

This is where you can get creative. I have seen all kinds of hats on gnomes.

I got this cute fabric at Hobby Lobby because I like conversation starters. You can also find conversation starter fabric on Amazon. You can also find Valentine’s Fabric on Amazon or Michael’s too.

Valentine's fabric

You can also get a bundle on Amazon.

close up of gnomes

Bowtie or no bowtie?

You can find cute bow ties on Amazon.

faux fur

What Color Beard does your Gnome Want?

I used Pastel Rainbow but there are some fun patterns for your gnome’s beard on Amazon.

Valentine's Gnomes

What Kind of Nose does a Gnome Need?

Some people use beads for noses but I really liked making them this way.

No Sew Gnomes Vs. Sewing the Gnomes

These no sew valentine gnomes take just a few minutes to make. I can’t sew so it is not option for me. But some people do sew their gnomes.

These were so easy, I will be making more so stay turned!

two gnomes under string of Valentine's Hearts

These Valentine’s Gnomes took about 10 minutes to make. I just filled the sock with rice, tied a rubber band around the top, cut a faux fur beard and attached it to the gnome. It took less than five minutes to make the hat.

close up of gnome hat


Valentine’s Day Fabric / Conversation Starter Fabric on Amazon

Fabric Scissors

Cheap Socks (dollar store)

Rubber Bands

Hot Glue Gun

Faux Fur / Faux Fur on Amazon

Cheap Rice

Bow Ties (optional)

Raffia (optional)


two gnomes

Valentine's Day Gnome

Cute Valentine's Day Gnomes


items to make gnome

cut sock

Cut sock . I use the rest of the sock for a hair tie.

rice cup in sock

pour a cup of rice in the sock using plastic cup

rubber band around sock

wrap rubber band around top of sock filled with rice

rubber band around nose

pinch a piece of the sock and make a nose

wrap another rubber band around it

faux fur on gnome

cut out beard according to how wide the gnome is and glue below nose


measure with ruler 10x10 inches and cut fabric (size will vary according to how much rice you put in sock)

cut fabric

fold fabric to make a trianle and cut the bottom


use glue gun to glue edges of triangle

inside out fabric

turn inside out and glue the bottom of the hat so that it;s a clean fold

turn back out and put on the gnome

push down below the nose and glue

Don’t forget Valentine’s Day Gnome Printables

Valentine's Gnomes

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