Fun Halloween Monster Treats for the Whole Family
Fun - July 10, 2023

Check out these adorable Monster Treats to serve to your friends and family for Halloween! They are so much fun and so delicious, all the ghosts and goblins will be talking about them!

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I can’t wait for Halloween! We start decorating and getting ready in September. I like everything about it but I especially like making fun Halloween treats for the whole family or for parties and dressing up in Halloween Costumes.

There are so many options and fun candy and props to make DIY Halloween sweet treats and crafts. One year we made a Pumpkin Pinata! And of course, you can’t forget your Halloween Treat Bags and  Halloween Printables!

What to Make for Halloween Treats

This year I decided to make Sweet Monster Rolls for our easy Halloween treats.  The most important ingredients are the rolls, of course.  I love sweet rolls with dinner, especially King’s Hawaiian Dinner Rolls.  They can brighten up any meal with their soft and chewy, light and fluffy, melt in your mouth deliciousness.

Fun Halloween Treats for the Whole Family on a cake stand

Sweet Monster Roll: Halloween Monster Treats

So, how does one create a Sweet Monster Roll? And is there anything sweet about monsters?

If you make them like I do, yes.  They are adorable and delicious and a great conversation starter at a Halloween party.

This is what you will need.



  1. Cut your rolls halfway for creating mouth. Do not cut in half.
  2. Spray with Green cake spray mist.
  3. Glue eyes on with black gel.
  4. Pour sugar on top for hair.
  5. Spread peanut butter inside.
  6. Cut out tongues with a knife using fruit roll ups
  7. Cut marshmallows in half for teeth
  8. Stick tongue on top of peanut butter with it hanging out
  9. Glue marshmallows inside on top piece.
  10. Put in the refrigerator for it to set.
green spray roll

Start out with the Green cake spray and the add the colored sugar for hair.  Do this over the kitchen sink.

Then add the eyes using the black gel as glue.

smearing peanut butter on monster roll Halloween Sweet Treat

Add peanut butter and then pre cut fruit roll up tongues.

Add black gel on the “roof” of the mouth and stick marshmallows for teeth.

monster rolls sweet treats with fruit roll up tongues, googly eyes and sugar on the top

Aren’t these monster treats fun? And they are so easy! The kids can help!

Fun Halloween Treats for the Whole Family

What are you planning for Halloween sweet treats? Don’t forget your Halloween Treat Bags and  Halloween Printables!

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