How to Make an Easy DIY Leprechaun Trap
Crafts - February 14, 2021

DIY Leprechaun Trap

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St. Patrick’s day is approaching and lately, I’ve seen DIY Leprechaun traps floating around the internet. I’m curious about how one truly catches a Leprechaun. Apparently for Leprechaun’s, it’s all about finding the Pot o’ Gold at the end of the rainbow. And whiskey, I hear.

DIY Leprechaun Trap

If you’re looking for the best Leprechaun Trap ideas, you’ve come to the right place. Catching a Leprechaun would take great thought. And time is all I have lately. Just kidding. Not really.

The kids love lucky charms so inviting them into this St. Patrick’s Day Craft was easy.

pathway of lucky charms going towards a leprechaun trap

Basically, I realized that it was all about the path. I wanted to create a beautiful pathway to the trap. One filled with flowers, preferably dandelions and lucky charms.

My hope is that they (the Leprechauns) would be so bedazzled by the pathway, they would climb up the colorful ladder and head straight for the gold. Free gold is always a plus.

What You Need:

Here’s a tutorial on how to build an easy Leprechaun Plant Trap.

Get Your Leprechaun Trap Supplies

Grab your Popsicle sticks, glass bottles with beads and rainbow lollipops. You will also need Lucky Charms, flowers and washi tape for the pathway.

Instead of traditional paint, I used OOLY’s Chunkies Paint Sticks to paint the ladder. They are a perfect, no mess, easy way to paint and the colors are vibrant.

They also dry fast which is a plus since little people have no patience and are ready to use that glue gun!

mini ladder made with popsicle sticks with a glue gun next to it.

Assemble the Ladder

With the kid’s it’s all about the glue gun, haha. After you have snapped the sticks in half, cut the edges and painted them, you can glue them to assemble a ladder.

pint Hyacinth plant

Find a Plant You Like

You can get any plant. We chose the Hyacinth plant. It’s beautiful and smells amazing. You can also plant the bulb and wait for it blossom next year.

pink Hyacinth plant with rainbow lollipop and bottle of gold beads

Assemble Your Pot O’ Gold and the Rainbow

Leprechaun’s love gold and shiny stuff, so instead on gold coins (which they are used to) I opted for gold beads that look like gold nuggets from afar and filled up mini glass bottle containers. I also used candy lolipop rainbows. They are sure to have a sweet surprise when they get there!

pathway of lucky charms with flowers

Build the Pathway

Just grab your favorite Lucky Charms and some flowers to lure those Leprechauns. Add some gold washi tape and they will come! I promise. They want to go down the gold pathway laced with Lucky Charms.

I think building this Leprechaun trap plant is probably the most fun I have had in a while. We can’t wait to catch some Leprechauns.

pathway of lucky charms leading to leprechaun trap

Every thing came together perfectly and the kids got to munch on some Lucky Charms. They definitely weren’t complaining. haha.

ladder leading to leprechaun plant trap

For more Leprechaun Trap ideas check them out HERE.

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