How to Make an Easy DIY Gender Reveal Cake
Cakes - July 30, 2020

gender reveal surprise cake

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Throwing a gender reveal party has become all the rage over the last few years. There are so many different gender reveal ideas, whether you will be adding pink or blue to your family. Doing a gender reveal cake is not as hard as you might think. A lot of people outsource this part of the party, but it is something you can make yourself even if you aren’t the best at baking! 

I have always been a huge fan of do it yourself parties. DIY parties are fun and rewarding. You don’t have to go crazy with a homemade cake either. Buying a box of cake mix is perfectly acceptable.

There are some really great ideas for how to make a gender reveal cake. One of them is a surprise cake, also called a pinata cake. A gender reveal surprise cake is fun and trendy. There are a lot of different fillings that you can use, but we decided to go with some from Color It Candy. They have so many options including gumballs, sixlets and pearls. The sky’s the limit!

Cutting into the gender reveal cake is always such a fun moment.  The parents to be have no idea what color will be on the inside. The suspense is killing them and you have added to this special day by making their cake for them. I promise you it is so easy! Don’t overthink it. Get all of your decor with both pink and blue for the party as well. This is important. You will know the gender but it is still all a surprise for them. Gender reveal toppers are really important!

The new mom and dad or older siblings will be able to slice into the cake and reveal the pink or blue center. I chose to use sixlets and pearls in the center of the cake.  I also decided to add shopping carts to the top as well filled with the pink and blue gumballs. This gives it another pop of color. When the candy spills out, the surprise and shocked look on their faces is always so priceless!


  1. Wilson Easy Layers Cake Pan Set
  2. Gumballs, Sixlets and Pearls from Color it Candy
  3. Whipped Topping / Buttercream Frosting (I purchased 2 tubs from the grocery store to make it easy)
  4. Shopping carts
  5. Wilson Dessert Decorator Pro


Betty Crocker super moist cake with 3 eggs and two measuring cups

I used a Betty Crocker white cake mix to make things more simple. 

You will also use 4 cake pans to make this cake. Make sure that you butter the pans!

Once you have followed the directions in making the 4 layers of the cake on the Better Crocker box mix, you will want to let the layers sit and cool for a while to make them easier for handling.

After the cake layers have cooled, you will want to cut a circle in the center of 2 of the cake layers with a round cookie cutter.

This will be where you will be filling with the sixlets and pearls (whether they be pink or blue). 

Stack up the first three layers, with the 2 layers with the hole in the center on top of a one without a hole. You will be adding frosting to these layers in between. 

Pour in your candy and add your fourth layer and frosting in between and on top.

Gender reveal cake with gumballs in shopping carts on top

Frost the cake all over the sides and than add your shopping carts filled with both color gumballs.

Adding the blue and pink shopping carts was my favorite part!

gender reveal cake with gumballs and sprinkles

I added some sprinkles to the bottom of the cake for some more color.

gender reveal cake with blue, white, and silver candy spilling out.

You are now ready to present the cake and have the reveal begin!

gender reveal cake with sprinkles and candy spilling out

Congrats! It’s a boy!

This is a lot easier to make than I once thought before when I would see these gender reveal cakes. It’s also more affordable to make!

pin for Gender Reveal surprise cake

I hope this gender reveal cake tutorial has been helpful and allows you to make this special dessert for someone expecting in your life. 

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