How to make a Valentine’s Chocolate Craft {Includes Printables}
Blog - January 8, 2023

Do you want to know how to make a Valentine’s chocolate craft? Get crafty with these DIY Valentine’s Day Treats using chocolate and candy melts! Plus wrap them with these cute personalized animal wrappers!

blue chocolate pig in a clear wrapper

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Valentine’s day is around the corner and we are always looking for valentine’s day ideas. We won’t be having any valentine’s day parties this year. But the kids still like to make a homemade valentine such as a candy Valentine’s Day treat or fun valentine’s hot chocolate bombs.

But, seriously, we are kind of sick of hot cocoa bombs these days. We are done with hot cocoa mix and chocolate shells, lol. We are doing a different Valentine’s chocolate craft.

I love DIY crafts for Valentine’s Day. The boys like making their cards and printables for the Valentine’s Boxes. Last year I came up with Valentine’s Gnomes. The year before we made fun crafts using recycled crayons and crayon molds.

These are fun Valentine’s Day crafts but this year my boys what to create something they can eat, sweet treats like candy valentine’s day treats. I also love Fun Valentine’s Recipes like Thin Mints Cookie Pops.

We make lot of valentine’s day crafts, including these cute animal Valentines. This is a similar craft idea using different molds to make an easy valentine’s day treat like hot cocoa bombs.

We usually buy them a small toy for their personal use from the dollar tree and maybe a small treat like rice krispie hearts, conversation hearts or chocolate hearts.

The only store-bought Valentine treat we are planning to make this year is these adorable chocolate wrapped animals. They are the perfect little valentine’s chocolate craft for your kids to give out.

chocolate pig inside a treat bag with colorful wrapper around.

Is this not the cutest chocolate pig you have ever seen?

It’s a really simple craft for the kids to give their friends on this sweet day. It’s a better way of giving something for special occasions than just a candy valentine’s day classroom treat. I’ve also added some free printable valentines.

candy melt animal crafts with printables

You can add your own cute card but I’ve also added cute free animal Valentine’s printables to either wrap around or use like a card.

The sweet messages are great for this Valentine’s Day Craft.

You can use different flavors like candy melts or milk chocolate for this delicious treat. I also used white chocolate chips and pink candy melts.

Homemade gifts are always a good option and it’s time for some new recipes. The best results are always made with love.

white bunny wrapped in plastic

How cute is this white bunny chocolate? I was able to use blue candy melts to outline the ears. I used a toothpick to spread the color.

The last step is tying ribbon or raffia around them for an extra touch.

You can also just give the chocolates inside a box. This is a cute idea for Valentine’s Day Treat boxes.

animal candy melts with printable wrappers

All you need is some animal molds, some treat bags and some pretty raffia.

roll of raffia paper purchased on amazon

These are my favorite to give out to give out as gifts.

Valentine’s Day Treat Bags

The boys liked putting together their Valentines with the wrappers. The presentation is beautiful. The free wrappers wrap around the chocolate.

I have fun girly wrappers and fun boy wrappers. All you need is to tape them closed in the back and put them in treat bags.

chocolate lion in a valentine's wrapper and clear bag


pink candy melts and animal molds


animal silicone molds



  • Heat up melts at 30 second intervals in the microwave or in a double boiler
  • pour into molds using ziploc or pastry bag
  • use different colors or black gel to make eyes or whiskers
  • let cool in the refrigerator
  • print out printables
  • cut printables
  • pop out chocolate out of the bottom of the molds
  • wrap printables around mold
  • tape wrappers on the back of crayon
  • insert into clear treat bag and tie with raffia paper

notes – after refrigerated put them in an airtight container. They are fine at room temperature.

These sweet printables are sure to make any girls heart melt and are so much fun.

These printables also have bunnies, bears, cats, dogs, and horses, which are fun for boys.

Give these sweet printables to your BFF.

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