Best Candy Buffet Ideas
Fun - July 30, 2021

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Are you looking for the best candy buffet ideas? I’ve got some fun candy bar ideas for parties that everyone will love, kids and adults! Whether you’re having a Birthday bash for a lucky girl or boy, or just hanging with the family, a candy bar is a great idea!

3 buckets of candy for

Who doesn’t like candy and chocolate? It’s such an easy way to make someone smile, right? Lately, a lot of people are staying home and having indoor party. and having more intimate Birthday Parties with friends and family.

People who are party planning and looking for party ideas are having intimate gender reveal parties, engagement parties, themed Birthday parties, kids Birthdays, and baby showers.

We’ve had TMNT parties and LEGO Themed parties. My favorite themed party we had was a Ring Pop Pinata Party, which was also an indoor party.

When looking for epic Birthday Party ideas,  first thing that comes to mind is candy and chocolate.

But that’s just me.

bowel of candy with treat bags around it for Best Candy Buffet Ideas

Recently, I had a kids Birthday Party for my 8-year-old.  He loves candy but we use special occasions to let him indulge.  A candy buffet seemed to be a festive and fun activity for everyone.

I love DIY candy projects and I created the easiest, most fun way to set up a candy buffet with just a few, simple ingredients and props. It doesn’t need to be pricey either.

Here’s some stay at home candy buffet ideas ideas on a budget. Or this candy bar for kid birthday party can be a great party idea whether indoors or outdoors.

items for candy bar party

Get Candy Buffet Props

Candy Buffet Props are important because they make your candy station set up visually appealing. It’s all about how the candy station looks.  You need good party props and great candy and chocolate for candy table ideas. The kids will love making their own mix of candy and leaving with a candy loot bag. These are the items you need:

Make a List of  Candy Supplies you Need

You don’t need to go to a candy shop and buy bulk candy.  Pick 3 or 4 of your favorite items.  You can easily go online and order from Color it Candy.  This is what we got for ours.

Know Where to Shop for Bulk Candy

I like to shop at Amazon so I buy most of my supplies there, like the Color it Candy Sixlets, Pearls, and candy melts. I also like Oriental Trading for party supplies.

candy scoopers and blue candy melts

Find Colors that Pop

You can see its sort of like a carnival theme with the red and white stripes.  It’s important to find colors that pop.  This is why I used blue candy melts for the waffle cups.

bowl of melted blue candy melts for Fun Stay at Home Candy Buffet Idea

Get Creative

You can pretty much do anything with candy melts when they are melted. I melted the candy melts in the microwave 30 seconds at a time, stirring in between.  I then dipped the waffle cones into the candy melts on the outside of waffle and immediately put in the refrigerator.

chocolate animal cookies with blue candy melts melted on them and red candies for eyes

I collected the chocolate animal crackers and dipped them into the remaining candy melt mixture.   I added red celebration pearls for more fun and put into the refrigerator to set. I didn’t know I was doing that until the moment presented itself.  This is why I say get creative.

The kids love it and it looks pretty.

Now back to the candy…..

After the waffle cones set (should just take about 10 minutes), fill up each little waffle cup with mixtures of Sixlets Pearls, gummy bears and lastly blue chocolate animal crackers (make sure they are set). You can also find other food ideas to fill them up with. It doesn’t have to candy.

You can either use the round snack cups to prop them up and hide candy inside in case you run out or can just use the waffle cups.  I also added some fun lollipops inside.

candy buffet with a kid scooping up candy

Let the Kids do the Scooping!

The kids had a blast scooping out candy into bags. There’s something about the ritual of going from cup to cup and scooping that kids like.  It’s a sensory activity  for them. Then they can tie the thank-you tie as well.

If you’re scooping the candy, you can make sure how many ounces of candy per guest.

waffle bowls lined with blue candy melts and candy inside

This was such a great project for the kids and it’s so pretty to set up.  What are your favorite candies to make a candy bar out of?

How to Make a Candy Buffet pin

I’d love to know your Birthday DIY candy buffet idea.

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