How to Make a Play Room Look Like a Living Room Space
DIY - April 30, 2020

 "Autumn River" by Neeva Kedem

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Last year, we moved from Florida to Arizona and settled into a bigger house. In Florida things were a little cramped and the kids shared a room. Now they both have their own rooms and we have a huge back yard and extra space for them to have their own playroom. Yea! It was a total win moving to Arizona.

With all this space, we have a playroom which is also a front living room and it looks cluttered.  We need some major home improvement. My visions of having tea with a friend while the kids play were starting to look slim.  No one wants to sit in a pile of LEGOS.  At least not me.

So, I spend time in the other living room while they play.  I have found myself wanting to reorganize things and make it more of a living space while still allowing the kids their own playroom.  But how does one muster up these DIY, home improvement projects when your so busy?

It’s hard to find time to go furniture and home decor shopping when you are chasing young kids! I’m so exhausted with school drop-offs, pick-ups, play dates, and Birthday Parties, I’d rather shop online for everything.  Better yet, I’d rather get all my home decor and furniture in one place; Home Depot.


Home Depot makes home improvement in the home decor department convenient and hassle free. With easy online shopping tools where you can “shop a room” or “shop the look” by style and get product recommendations, their site is practically doing the DIY work for you.

Kerala Brown Coffee Table
Think Home Decor with Storage!

It’s all about Furniture adding more than just visual satisfaction.  This Kerala Brown Coffee Table is perfect for a play room because it has multiple uses. I would probably store puzzles and games in it.  The kids might hide in it.

Laughlin Antique Blue Storage Bench

Check out their furniture like the Laughlin Antique Blue Storage Bench in the Home Decorators Collection. It is perfect to put all the kid’s toys but also seats a couple of people if needed.


These baskets for storage are awesome! The Blue Artistic Weavers seen above come in four more colors. Made in Vietnam, with bamboo, they are durable enough to load up with toys or extra Throw Blankets.

 "Autumn River" by Neeva Kedem

Wall Decor is A Nice Distraction

By wall decor, I’m not looking for the kids color scheme, red, yellow, blue and green!  I’m not interested in Superheroes either.  We can leave that for their bedroom. What I’m looking for is nice, bright, wall art like this one;  “Autumn River” by Neeva Kedem. It’s also a nice distraction from seeing toys on the floor. Wall Decor opens the space up.

Candle Holders

Fragrance and Candles

Candle’s always make a room look comfortable and welcoming.  I love their Litton Lane New Traditional Teal Wooden Candle Holders. I’m not suggesting that you light candles while your kids play.  You can always get the flameless candles.  But it’s such a pretty accent to a play room that you want to make into a relaxing living room also.

Pillows and Throws.

Add some throw pillows like the Zuan Poly Standard Pillow.  I love the pom pom detail!


Home Depot has a huge collection of Throws and Blankets, like these Belgium Linen Natural Fringed Throws.  They are handwoven by skilled artisans of pure linen with fringe trim and super soft with vintage texture.

Red Leather Couch

Revamp with a New Couch

A new couch changes everything.  It can change the whole feel of the room.  This beautiful, stylish Club 3-Piece Tufted Red Bonded Leather Sofa Set is perfect for having a get together with the moms and relaxing while the kids play.  It’s available in four colors too.

There’s so much more you can do to renovate an old play room with Home Depot’s Home Decor department, the possibilities are endless. With free returns at +2,200 stores, free shipping on orders over $45* and 100% satisfaction guarantee, DIY projects are as simple as ever.

Which room are you ready to revamp?

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  1. This is playroom goals for me, lol 🙂 My biggest challenge is finding room for all the toys — I can never seem to find enough functional storage solutions Our playroom is right next to the living room, so it’s essentially one big space to play, but toys go back into the playroom at the end of the day.

  2. I really like how everything is so colorful and bright. The colored coach idea is such a nice thought. Your creativity and use of items is wonderful. Your social share with your mugs…where did you get that? I absolutely adore that

  3. Yes! It is all about the storage. I couldn’t agree more with that. Whenever I shop furniture now that I’m a mom, I always look at the storing possibilities.

  4. Great ideas! I love the storage bench!!! I’ll have to check out the home decor section at Home Depot! Such cute finds!! We currently have all of my little ones toys in our family room. It definitely helps to have non-kid artwork or pictures on the wall to distract you or your visitors from all the toys!

  5. These are such great ideas! I always cringe when I walk into a home that’s been completely taken over by all toddler things lol and I worry I’ll be the same way one day, but this is smart and so cute!!

  6. We have a living room/ playroom too. It’s no where near as nice as yours. There’s always toys all over and we use old diaper boxes for storage. It’s definitely not ideal.
    I think we could use an upgrade with some nicer looking storage. I absolutely love the bench and the art.

  7. These are all fun ideas. I like how colorful these spaces are! We used to have a playroom and it was so plain. These actually look like nice rooms and not as much like playrooms.

  8. But what if our living room is our playroom!?!? Cute post- lots of good ideas and I love planning spaces for longer term.

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