How to Have an Easy Kid’s Virtual Birthday Party
Party Ideas - April 28, 2021

box with an instructions and highlighers

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This year has been interesting to say the least. We stayed in most of the time, homeschooling sometimes and had virtual play dates. I set up some quarantine activities and a couple of trips while remote learning.

We haven’t had any fun Birthday Parties or big family trips in a year.

A year ago we had our last Birthday Party at a park. We had just heard about Covid-19 and I knew this could be the last time we get together for a while. But I didn’t think it would be a whole year before we had parties with friends and family.

This year having an inside Birthday party was out of the question because we didn’t want to put anyone in a uncomfortable position cramming people into our house and our back yard was unavailable.

I’ve never been short on party ideas for kids but this year was different. I am definitely not a professional on virtual birthday party ideas.

I decided to do give it a go. I’ve never had any kind of virtual party, especially a kid’s virtual Birthday party but with social distancing and school in and out, plans being cancelled, I wanted to do an interesting party idea for the birthday kid. So, a video chat was a start.

I knew it would take some planning but I really wanted to create a fun party for my son, who had been through so much already with the chaos of having homeschooling one day, in person school the next day and then quarantining periodically.

I just wanted him to enjoy his friends. Now I had to figure out how to create an easy online party that included myself trying to host a virtual party.

computer with kids on virtually


Zoom has become really popular this year. But it’s not for everyone. A lot of people are intimidated by the concept of meeting face to face on a computer. There is also having to know the correct zoom etiquette.

To make it easier, we just invited a handful of party guests. This way the Birthday boy (or girl) could interact with his friends on a more personal level and everyone wasn’t talking at the same time.

We didn’t do a themed party, we had activities and snacks. I made sure the kids waited to open their surprise activity box until we were all on zoom together.

monster mini scented highlighters


We had two activities set up. It’s always good to have two options because no two kids are a like.

boy holding fortune teller

Origami Fortune Teller

My son loved teaching his friends on zoom how to do an origami fortune teller.


Origami Paper

Mini Highlighters

Colored Pens or Markers

Instructions for Origami Fortune Teller

I printed out these instructions for them and placed them in the activity box.

Oliver really enjoyed “teaching” his friends how to make a fortuneteller.

Origami Star Wars Fortune Teller

I also added a custom printable Star Wars Origami Fortune Teller inside the activity box.

pokemon forttune teller

I also had a Pokemon origami fortune teller for them.

razzle dazzle diy gem art kit - unique unicorns

Razzle Dazzle DIY Gem Art Kit

This was a more intricate activity by OOLY. We worked on it for a little bit of time but told the children that they could finish later.

razzle dazzle diy gem art kit - lil' lion

This Razzle Dazzle DIY Gem  Lil’ Lion Art Kit lets you create sparkly gem enhanced artwork of a beautifully colorful little lion.

razzle dazzle diy gem art kit - lil' lion

This kit includes everything you need to create unique gem art including a white standing frame.

razzle dazzle diy gem art kit - lil' lion

Most of the kids did the razzle dazzle diy gem art kit – lil’ lion but since there were a couple of girls I gave them a razzle dazzle diy gem art kit – lovely llama and a razzle dazzle diy gem art kit – unique unicorns kit.


Kids live off of snacks and one thing I have learned about having kids’ parties, is that they wont eat the food you order, but they will eat the snacks.

I added Chex Mix individual packs and Little Bites Party Cake Cookies to the activity box.

Little Bites party cookies

The Little Bites Party Cake Cookies are great for snacks at virtual parties too

Birthday Cake with 6 icing candles

Birthday Cake

We got the perfect cake from Costco. I loved the way it was decorated and it was delicious with plenty for everyone.

boy in front of Birthday cake

Everyone sang Happy Birthday and Oliver loved all the attention, even though it was on Zoom. Singing Happy Birthday to him was the highlight of the party.

cake container

I ordered cake slice containers to put pieces of cake in them for his guests to drive by and pick up.

Thank you for coming cake container labels

I used these printables I made and glued them with stick glue to the containers.

Happy Birthday sign

Drive by Party

I made this simple sign with a white board and letters from the dollar store. I threw some confetti on it with stick glue and there you have it!

This was a good way to have people see our house when picking up their cake. Of course Oliver didn’t mind the attention either.

We even made a Ring Pop tree for the neighbors to come by and celebrate by picking a Ring Pop off of the tree just for fun. I put out an invite on the neighborhood app.

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OOLY label

Goody Bags

Since I wasn’t spending money on a bounce house or food and/or location, I spent on Goodie Bags, and boy were they a hit!

ooly goodies for Birthday Party

Candy is fun but receiving colorful art supplies to create their happy is so much better!

comic attack happy pack

Boys Goody Bags

We love the comic attack happy pack for the boys and any girls who love Ninjas and comics. I added a Ring Pop and the summer time fun – sidewalk chalk by OOLY.

Girls Goody Bags

The girls loved the petite sweets ice cream shoppe scented erasers .

ice cream erasers with an ooly happy pack

They also received the unique unicorns happy pack.

sidewalk chalk

These summer time fun – sidewalk chalk – set of 6 are always a hit with kids!

thank you for zooming printables

I made “Thank You For Zooming With Us!” printouts, cut them and stuck them to paper bags with a glue stick.

goody bags

This was a successful Birthday celebration and I’m glad for the experience. We will always remember this unusual way to get the kids to celebrate a Birthday.

Kid's Virtual Birthday Party

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