How to have a TMNT Party for a Four-Year-Old
Fun - February 1, 2020

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I love doing Birthday parties for my kids.  It’s fun to organize, brings out the creativity in me and makes me feel like a kid again! Last year we had a very successful LEGO Themed party for my three-year-old.  This year he’s turning four-years-old and wanted a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles themed party.  I can’t say I was happy he chose that, especially since he doesn’t watch it or even know what it is.  He must have heard of it from school or maybe saw his brother play a Ninja Turtles game.  Either way, I was disappointed. I was hoping Unicorns or Superheroes.  A mom can dream, can’t she?

So, I brainstormed and thought of a way to have a toned-down Ninja Turtle themed party while still making my son happy.

TMNT Party Decor

I used Shindigz for my party décor, such as balloons, tablecloths, and party favors.

red and green balloons

I purchased balloons through Shindigz, but I got them blown up last minute locally.  It’s cheaper that way and I didn’t have to get any obnoxious balloons.  I wanted simple.  My kids love balloons.  And there’s always someone that wants to take a balloon home.

TMNT goody buckets

TNMT Goody Bags

Kids live for goody bags.  They get so excited when they get to take home something from the TMNT party.  So, this is where I focused on TMNT.  Shindigz has great mega favors that all the kids loved.

Instead of having Ninja Turtles in your face (it’s hard not to) in the decorations, I decided to have cute little goody buckets filled with Ninja Turtle favors for the kids and keep the decor toned down with the main colors of red and green. My kids loved the skateboards!

They all went home with the Ninja Turtle experience.  I didn’t want numchucks and scariness for the four year-olds. I wanted fun and light.   I also added these cute lollipops and Jelly Belly’s from Shindigz.  Goody bags aren’t goody bags without candy!

Party Food

We got food from PDQ catered.  They have the best chicken! Last year we catered from them and everyone loved it, so we decided to do it again this year.

Their chicken is never frozen and sits only for 15 minutes.

Their homemade sauces are amazing.

They have eight sauces and are so good you will want to try all of them. This year we added some salads though.


For dessert, we had two choices.  The first was gluten-free cupcakes made my FitFoodzCafe.  I’ve noticed at many parties, that kids have dietary restrictions and are often not able to indulge in dessert because of it.  So, I wanted everyone to have delicious cupcakes.  You would never know they were gluten free.  They custom made them for me using the colors and flavors I wanted.  Had I wanted to put Ninja Turtle Toppers, we could have done that, but again, I wanted simple and delicious.

A post shared by MomJunky (@momjunky) on This Vegan and gluten-free Confetti Cookie Pie with Vegan Vanilla Icing is my favorite obsession at FitFoodzCafe but you can take a look at other amazing healthy food choices HERE, when I last visited them in Boca Raton.  You can also order meal plans customized especially for your dietary needs, whether it’s Paleo, Vegetarian, or Gluten-Free.

A post shared by MomJunky (@momjunky) on This crazy cookie cake is from FattyCakesNY. I discovered them while at Mr. Kream Wynwood.

We went in for an ice cream and were given something so much more….”The Big Poppa.”  I think I died and went to ice cream cookie cake heaven.  There are no words for this ridiculousness.  Indulge.  It’s worth it.

The founder of The Cookie Cake Company, Jennifer Taylor-Miller, was born in Brooklyn.  All the cakes are baked in Fort Lauderdale and are available for shipping nationwide.  She can custom make anything, the crazier the better! The kids loved watching the sparklers and it served up to 25.  It is pretty rich so pace yourself.  Get 15% off using MOMJUNKY.


My son wanted a bounce house.  He wanted a Ninja Turtle Bounce house.  And although Premier Bounce N Slide has themed bounce houses (like Spiderman), this one was perfect for the kids.  I didn’t want the kids seeing scary Ninjas before entering the bounce house.  They were mostly four years-old! But they loved watching the set up!

Bounce house

Premier Bounce N Slide

Premier Bounce N Slide is a party and event rental company located in Parkland, Florida.  They can take care of all your party rental needs, such as waterslides and obstacle courses.  You can even rent party accessories and concessions.

Snow Cone Machine

The kids loved the snow cone machine and I was pleasantly surprised and how easy it was to work.  I just purchased a couple of bags of ice and it did all the work.

It comes with the syrups and cups and everything you need. Mention MOMJUNKY when you book your slide and get a free food machine; this snow cone machine, cotton candy, or popcorn. 561.508.8143


Even when you have a Birthday Party at a park, kids can still get bored and need more stimulation.  I love these EZpaint. They are AWESOME!  They are also great goody bag stuffers.  They custom made our goody bags and the kids loved them!  No spill, non-toxic, washable, no water needed – these paints saved me at the party during “what to do?” time and they are small enough to throw in my purse.

painted wooden eggs

We recently made these keepsake wooden Easter Eggs.  It’s so much easier than using artificial dyes and water! You can purchase EZpaint on their website HERE or on Amazon HERE.

Oliver had such a great time at his “Light” TMNT Birthday Party.  It was a total success.  Have you ever come across this situation where you want to tone down a party?

Looking for an indoor party idea? Check THIS out!


  1. What an adorable theme for a 4 year olds birthday party! I think that it is cute that he has never seen the cartoon but still wanted a party like it. And since he hasn’t seen it, he has no idea that they actually love pizza! 😉 The chicken you had catered looks absolutely delicious! Thanks for sharing!

  2. My oldest got into TMNT right before he turned 4, and I totally blame the kids at school for the initial interest. It’s not like the TMNT I remember as a kid! I love the goodies. It looks like it turned out to be a fantastic party! The food looks delicious 🙂

  3. Babushka’s on her 2nd generation of TMNT, so she’s simpatico with your plight. Everything at the Fiesta looked CUTISIMO! With 6 Grands BB appreciates the info and sponsor links. Wishing your 4 year old a wonderful year; Mom definitely started it off right. BB2U

  4. What a FUN birthday party!! My grandson would have loved to have gone to this party. He loves the turtles! My daughter always rents one of those jumping houses. Giving EZpaint as a party favor is a clever idea! It’s better than all the candy that usually gets into those bags. I shared this on Facebook. Thank you for sharing!!

  5. I grew up watching TMNT and I love that they are back! This looks like an awesome party! I loved all the cute TMNT goodies you got for the goody bags! The snow cone machine is a great idea. I will have to remember that one.

  6. In a couple of years, I can use some of these ideas. I finally have a grandson (my oldest granddaughter is 19), and now I can do little man things!

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