How to Have a LEGO Themed Birthday Party on a Budget
Blog - March 25, 2017

lego cupcakes

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Both my boys are obsessed with LEGO.  So, when it came time for my three-year-old’s Birthday Party, it was a no-brainer.  Their life revolves around LEGO.  From the minute they wake up, they play with LEGO Duplo upstairs.  Downstairs we have LEGO (Ninjago, Superheros, City).  It’s not surprising that their favorite vacation spot is Legoland.

Since Oliver finally understands the concept of Birthdays, I wanted to make it special.  However, having two children can make it tough on finances.  We had more elaborate parties when we had one child, but now we have two, we must cut costs and find ways to save money and have a Lego themed party on a budget. We were able to have the best Lego Birthday party ever with Lego themed party supplies, Lego themed cupcakes, Lego loot bags, Lego gummies and Lego chocolates.

Party Supplies

Think about what is necessary.  We will always need napkins, plates, and silverware.  With kid’s parties, there is no need for cups.  I bought juice and bottled water. had plenty of party supplies at reasonable prices that could also be recycled and they delivered everything right to my door.

cupcakes on display with a sign that says Happy Birthday Oliver

We got this Sweet Server Cupcake Stand and two Birthday Cheer Personalized Centerpieces.

The Sweet Server Cupcake Stand is perfect because it is reusable.  This is the catch though; do not put it together until you’re ready to set up the cupcakes.  If you do it ahead of time it can get damaged in transport.  Or some sticky fingers can get a hold of it, haha.

I wanted to reuse the Birthday Cheer Personalized Centerpieces so I replaced the space where you would add the age and just added his name.  That way I could use it for future parties!

Skip the dollar store and get these loot bags – 8 ct. for $3.29.  They have the “LEGO” look and are easier than paper bags.

I ordered luncheon napkins, dessert plates, and dinner plates. is a great party planner and will personalize anything for you!

Get $15 off when you spend $99 or more when you use the code SPRING15.

Here is the unboxing video of what I received. The Birthday Cheer Personalized Centerpieces came separately a couple days later.  I was shocked at how fast it was made!

Get the Food Catered

Last year I had a Birthday Party in one of those fancy kid play places.  I went in person (instead of calling) and ordered pizza and drinks for 25 kids and about 30 parents.

When you have a party in one of those places, no matter how much you pay, you are on their schedule.  So, I told the pizza place what time they needed to be there.  We would then have a half hour to eat and then do cake.

Guess what?  They didn’t show up!  I called them and they didn’t even know they had an order.  I had paid and had the receipt.  But they were a no show.  So, they said they would get there in a half hour (including getting the pizzas ready).  I had a party full of hungry people and kids and no food.  I was so embarrassed.  They finally came but I’ll never do that again!  They are a popular chain of franchise pizza restaurants.  I don’t know what happened but I never want that kind of stress again.  I saved a little money because the pizza was cheap but it added a whole lot of stress for us.  No thank you.

Which leads me to why I suggest catering.

They take care of everything and they have some great deals.  We were lucky enough to have PDQ (People Dedicated To Quality) in Pompano Beach cater our party.  They have anything from platters, salads, and desserts.

pdq chicken strips

I’ve never seen chicken so fresh!

Ordering was so easy.  They did a fantastic job and the chicken was to die for! I had been there a few times in the past and I was hooked.  Read about my first visit HERE.

There is chicken and there is PDQ chicken.  It was amazing and a huge hit with everyone.  These were juicy tenderloin tenders made from the breast. Their chicken is never frozen and sits only for 15 minutes.

Their homemade sauces are something else.  They have eight sauces and are so good you will want to try all of them.  They were such a hit that the parents at the party were discussing which ones were the best tasting.  Bonding over sauce at a Birthday Party is the way to go. Haha.

display of chicken tenders from PDQ

My son loves their Handspun Shakes.  Check out their seasonal ones!  Right now, they have Maple Almond Crunch.


In the past, we have spent hundreds of dollars renting out play gyms.  We have also rented pavilion tables at parks on the weekends.  This time we had the party at the park, but we also had it on a Monday.  We decided to just show up.  What’s the worst that could happen?  There were tables and benches.  I called the park ahead of time to see if anyone had rented the pavilions.  Since no one had, we used it.  Location was free.  And it wasn’t as busy because it was a Monday.  Also, instead of spending money on a fancy location, you can use that money for quality food such as PDQ Catering.

Get Your Friends to Help You

I am blessed with some amazing friends.  My mommy friends really get it.  We love having parties for our children but we tend to go overboard and forget the whole purpose. We start obsessing about themes and goody bags.  I might have gone a little crazy with the candy molds, lol.

I have one friend, Holly, who can really make a good piñata.  I loved her Halloween piñata so I asked her to make one for Ollie.

I had candy left over from last Halloween, Christmas, and Valentines.  So, we used it all and she let her creative juices flow making the amazing LEGO piñata.  She also made me the LEGO chocolates using the molds.

two boys holding legos

I  came across this fantastic site called  The owner sent me a refurbished LEGO set and some LEGO crayon molds for my party.  If you’re looking for discounted LEGO sets, this is the way to go!  You can check out my review HERE.

They are also setting up a buyback program.  Let’s face it; if you have kids, especially boys, you will never escape LEGOS.  They will be playing with them for a decade.

For the LEGO crayons, all you do is get broken crayons and put them in the molds and heat up.  I don’t know about you, but my three-year-old loves peeling off the paper and breaking crayons.  So, I put all those away for recycle to make LEGO crayons later.

Make Your Own Cupcakes and Treats

We have ordered so many cakes and cupcakes in the past.  The supermarket bakeries are pretty good, but it can get pricey.  This year, for the first time, I decided to make my own cupcakes.  Not only was it fun and I got to be creative, but there was a certain level of satisfaction in knowing that I contributed to my son’s party in this kind of way.  It’s so easy just to get someone else to do it but they were so excited watching me and that in itself was priceless. All it takes is a box of cake mix ($1-$1.99), some sprinkles, Candy Melts,  and LEGO Chocolates.  Oh and ehem, the buttercream frosting (come to mama) made from scratch.

What would of cost me about $60, ended up costing about $15.

I added the blocks to the cupcakes at the party.  These are the one’s my friend Holly made using the LEGO molds I purchased on Amazon and it saved me a lot of time.

lego chocolates

I even made girly cupcakes for the girls.

cupcakes with heart sprinkles and chocolate legos on top

These candy molds are only $12.95 on Amazon.

I also used the candy molds to make gummies for the goody bags and treats on the table.

lego gummies

Think Thrifty

If it’s not a $1, it better have a coupon.  The dollar store is okay for some items but if you want some great goody bag items, Target is the best place to find them.  I found bubbles and bricks for the kids to play with at the party and have in their goody bags.

For a $1, I got bags of bricks with 70 pieces! They are not official LEGO bricks but the kids don’t really know the difference.  I also purchased a bottle of hand sanitizer.  It’s common to have it at a Birthday party full of kids that are in preschool.  So, I added some bricks to it to made it more enticing.  The flu was rampant this year so I needed to also take precaution.

It was such a great day and Oliver had a blast.  He enjoyed every moment.   Thank you to PDQ for hosting it and to Shindigz for contributing such awesome party supplies!



  1. Omgosh I LOVE all these ideas!! Pinning for my son’s 5th party!! He is a legoholic so Im sure that will bo our theme!! Love your cute gummies!!

  2. These are ALL awesome ideas for a super cool Lego Themed birthday party! I especially love the cupcakes…they turned out great and I’m sure the kids thought it was pretty cool to be able to eat the edible Legos! Thanks for including us (BrickSmarts) in your post! We were so happy that we could help to make your little one’s bday extra special.
    -Mandy @

    1. Mandy, it was a pleasure and so much fun. Now my five year old wants a LEGO themed party too in September. At least I will be prepared!

  3. Such great tips. I had a lego themed party for my boys one year and spent a fortune on the decorations and cake.

  4. I love it!!! We have a birthday coming up in May! I think we will be having a LEGO themed party and I will be trying some of these things! 🙂

  5. What a fantastic ideas! Lego is the most like of kids. I am sure that kids will be love you more if you do this kind of party for them. Great post!

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