How to Entertain with Wheat and Gluten Free Snacks
Blog - July 15, 2018

This post was sponsored by Blue Diamond® Nut-Thins and all opinions expressed in my post are my own.

My kids and I are snackaholics.  We love snacking, especially on crispy, crunchy foods, like crackers and chips.  However, these don’t always sit well with us.  I have noticed my kids having blotchy skin and breakouts after eating gluten.  I also don’t feel good eating wheat, so I have eliminated it for the most part.

Of course, my kids just want a tasty snack.  They don’t take into consideration whether it is gluten free or not.  It’s up to me to find that out and make sure it meets their little picky standards.

Children don’t understand the benefits of a wheat and gluten free snack.  They care about flavor, yet as parents, some of us are looking for that and more; like crackers with no artificial flavors.   They just want something crunchy like a chip that tastes good.

It’s not only kids that are sensitive to gluten and wheat.  It’s many of my friends also and so when it comes to entertaining, I have to take that into consideration.  I must cater to kids and parents both for taste and allergies.

It’s hard trying to please everyone! We have had gluten free cupcakes for Birthday parties and we have supplied them at our own .  It’s just safer for everyone.  The kids don’t know the difference.  It’s just become our norm.  People have allergens to food and we have to be aware at all times.

So, for entertaining families, I chose two snacks that I think would work with both children and adults.

First, I chose Hint of Sea Salt Blue Diamond® Nut-Thins with Brie, Apples, honey, and sliced almonds.  The combination of sweet and salty is perfect for a party snack.

The salt pairs well with the honey and apple.  I always leave the rind on the brie but that’s by preference.  I just cut up small chunks of brie and topped the Nut-Thins with it and slipped it in the oven at 350 for about 3 minutes.

I then placed little triangles of apple and topped with honey and sliced almonds.  It so simple and so fast.

I complimented the plate with some sliced grapes.  Who doesn’t like grapes with brie?

The second snack that is geared towards the kids but also adult approved is the cream cheese with peppers and scallions on Smokehouse® Blue Diamond® Nut-Thins

The key to making it look pretty is using a cake decoration kit.  Decorating is not my forte, so this little trick helps with making the snacks look pretty.  You can also use it with hummus. I picked this one up from the dollar store.

I  added yellow and red peppers with scallions.  It was so easy, yet the smokehouse flavor added a flavor boost with the cream cheese.  You can’t go wrong.  Blue Diamond® Nut-Thins are light and airy and have that crunch we crave without the gluten and wheat. The best part for me is that they are made with made with Real Blue Diamond® Almonds.

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What’s your favorite gluten free snack?

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  1. I tried this crackers the other day and am totally hooked on them! They taste so great and are perfect for entertaining. I love the brie and honey idea…I bet it’s delicious!

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