How LuLaRoe Leggings Made Me Gain 20lbs
Blog - May 6, 2017

I try to live a healthy lifestyle.  I really do.  I lost 30lbs while on the Smart For Life diet.  I eliminated  salt and sugar and ate lots of lean chicken and fish with vegetables.  It was all about clean eating.  And cookies, lol.

My hot flashes went away.  I had energy.  Life was good.  All my old clothes, including my Lucky Jeans from pre kids, fit me.  I finally had my nice wardrobe back and threw away my maternity dresses and elastic skirts.

How LuLaRoe Leggings Made Me Gain 20lbsThen I discovered LuLaRoe leggings.  I said I wouldn’t get sucked into the hype.  There was so much hype!!!

But everyone swore that these comfy, loungy, amazing clothes would change my life.

So, I bought a pair to “support a friend.”  As I was cashing out, there was a section that offered free clothes if you host a party.  I’m in!

Well really all I heard was “free clothes.”  LuLaRoe clothes.  And one size!  Perfect!

At this point I had already gained about 5 lbs.  Then I started eating the pistachios my father brought back from Greece, all three 1lb bags in one month.

I had good intentions.  I was even counting the pistachios, trying to pace myself.  It’s all about portion control, right?

Then my LuLaRoe leggings arrived.  I LOVED them.  They were really like wearing a second skin.  I started to live in them.  At the same time my clothes became tight and stopped fitting me already.

My diet started going downhill.  I was back to eating too much salt.  Then a dessert here and there.  Then just “a little dessert” turned into a whole bag of Cadbury Mini Easter Eggs within one week. Carbs became my T.V. partner every night.

Before you knew it, I had gained 20lbs back.  No, it wasn’t from wearing LuLaRoe.  I just said that.  It’s a joke.  My girlfriends and I joke about it.  I wore leggings to Thanksgiving Dinner for two reasons; first, nothing else fit and second, I wanted to eat without my pants getting tight.  The leggings facilitated my food addiction, per se.  But they did not make me gain weight.  I did.  I made me gain weight.  I knew full well what I was doing in the kitchen at 10pm looking for chips.

Now, I’m back to eating healthy and feeling great.  I proudly wear leggings now and will wear leggings after I lose the weight.  The relationship I have with food has nothing to do with leggings.  I had to make the decision to gain back control.  Self control and portion control.  I went back to Smart For Life to get back on track.  It works for me, as long as I adhere to the maintenance plan, which I did not last time I lost the weight.

With that being said, I love LuLaRoe leggings.  They are comfy and I think it’s great that mompreneurs everywhere are getting on the LuLaRoe bus.  Rock on ladies!

Here are some LuLaRoe(ers) who have their own businesses.  Join their groups and check them out.  Also, if you are not on this list feel free to email me with your info and I will add you to the list.

LulaRoe With Alyssa Waters

**Open To Shop** LuLaRoe Aly Kassie VIP Boutique

Lularoe Becky Willinger VIP

LuLaRoe Luanda Giusti :: VIP Shop *ALWAYS OPEN*

🌺 LuLaRoe Cherrise Pawlak 🌺

LuLaRoe Trish Ream 🦄 VIP Group!

LuLaRoe Sarah Denk

What is your favorite thing about LuLaRoe?  The dresses?  The tall and curvy selection?

Check out this awesome “Spoil Me” LuLaRoe Giveaway HERE!

I received Smart For Life products to facilitate this article.  All opinions are mine.  Also, if you click on a link, I may or may not receive commission.


  1. I seriously laughed out loud at “I just said that.”

    I can tell you, as a small business owner, that your support and the support we get from all our customers means the world to us. Thank you!

  2. Good leggings are hard to find. I had a pair that, when I was at my largest made it look like I had two stomachs. It had a tight waistband right in the middle of my stomach and instead of smoothing and slimming, it just cut me in half. Cute….not.

  3. The as so cute and look super comfy, I can see why you would want to rock them everywhere! I am all for the ‘athleisure’ trend here and then :). Great post :)!

  4. These LuLaRoe leggings look like awesome designs and very comfy leggings for sure. I would really think about hosting a party for free clothes. Thanks for sharing these awesome leggings.

  5. I’ve been hearing so much about this brand and I think it’s awesome that there are so many choices for clothes. Those leggings are so pretty! I like the different colors and patterns.

  6. I’ve never tried their leggings, but I know how comfortable leggings can be so I get how they could’ve caused you to gain extra pounds. Glad you’re back on track.

  7. There was and is so much hype about lula. I absolutely did not see the reason to indulge in this hype. I was more so like ewww, no thank you. I could buy my $4.00 leggings from Forever 21 and still be absolutely fabulous and look adorable! So, I never bought any. I do not understand the hype. However, I’m sorry that you started gaining the weight. I can already picture myself gaining the weight back to because I got so use to the one size that my other clothes stopped fitting.

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