Mother’s Day Brunch at PGA Resort and Spa
Blog - May 17, 2017

UPDATE: Please note that due to our current social distancing guidelines and care of our guests, service options may be limited. Please see below for open options for dining:

  • Bar 91 – Is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner – Daily from 6:30am – 9:00pm
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  • Wave Pool Bar will be open, serving the same menu items as Bar 91
  • iBar is closed through December 2020
  • Pronto – Effective November 11, 2020, Pronto will close for renovations. We look forward to welcoming guests and patrons back upon completion of our renovation.
  • Ironwood fine dining is closed at this time
  • Palm Terrace is closed at this time
  • In Room Dining is paused at this time

I love reading all the funny stories online about Mother’s Day and how Mothers all around the world spend the day that celebrates the most unpredictable and most rewarding job of their lives.

Some want to be alone at a Spa and have quiet time all to themselves, free of any diaper changing, LEGO building, princess tea parties.  Some want to simply take a hot shower for longer than five minutes.  Some want to spend the day with their kids after having breakfast in bed.  And some like to go out to brunch.  I like to go out to brunch.

I can hear the gasps through this post.  “Why, oh why would you want to subject yourself to that?” you might ask.

For one day out of the year I’d like all of us to dress up and enjoy a brunch together as a family.

Yes, my boys hate dressing up.  Yes, they don’t sit still.  We are not the put together picturesque family that you might see in a Ralph Lauren catalog.  We are the typical family that welcomes anything clean to wear that the kids put on themselves and have a chicken nugget backup plan for dinners.  And yes, I am setting myself up.  But Mother’s Day is for mothers and this mother wants brunch.

What’s wrong with a little adventure?  I don’t ask for much. I know it might not work out.  I accept that.  But sometimes it does.  Rarely, but the planets sometimes align themselves and kids do behave in the oddest circumstances.  Bonding over snacks seems to be a big one.

My kids surprise me everyday.  And it’s not always about peeing in the potty or washing their hands all by themselves.  They surprise me with questions of wonder, like “How come if God is everywhere, why can’t we see him in the trees?”  They surprise me with their compassion towards each other after a long battle over toys. They surprise me with a pat on the back when I am at my wits end and just want to give up and they see tears in my eyes and say, “It’s okay, mommy, everything will be okay.”  They surprise me daily and welcome it.

Motherhood is full of surprises and  some things are written in stone and there’s no changing it.

My kids dress in basketball shorts and wrestle each other and myself everyday to brush their teeth and hair.  But for once I’d like us to look presentable.  It’s my day and that’s what I want.

Here’s how I did it while enjoying a brunch at PGA Resort and Spa, home to the PGA Tour’s Honda Classic and the legendary Bear Trap.

No Expectations

I have often heard that expectations are resentments waiting to happen.  Yup.  So, I told my husband, who was stressing about sitting down in a restaurant with our two boys, to just not expect anything.  That includes eating, hahah.

Eat Before You Leave

For us, it was a good 45-minute drive to get to PGA Resort and Spa.   I ate one of my diet cookies before I left the house.  I’m on a very strict, low calorie diet to quickly shed some weight I recently packed on while getting back into unhealthy eating habits.  Smart for Life jump starts the process so I can see immediate results.  It also cuts the sugar, salt, and high fat out of my diet.

But Mother’s Day is an exception.  It doesn’t mean that I can go to town and eat the whole buffet….

So, I made sure I didn’t go there already starving.  I also knew that I would be serving kids before myself if I wanted any peace.  No expectations, right?

This is what my husband started with;  Carved Pastrami Spiced Brisket and Popcorn Shrimp and Charred Corn Cous Cous “Risotto.”

I had something lighter. I had a combination of seafood from the Chilled Seafood Display.

I had Snow Crab Claws and Citrus Poached Shrimp with some artichokes and Individual Wheatberry, Toasted Oregon Hazelnut and Golden Raisin.  It was amazing!

It was light, yet decadent.  I didn’t overdo it but I felt like I indulged.  Since the Smart for Life Diet includes fish I naturally went that direction.  I splurged a little on the Wheatberry and it was well worth it!

The most eye catching plate for me was the Watercress and Pickled Watermelon Radish salad.

They also had a beautiful spread of salmon and cheeses.

Of course desserts always get me but this time I just admired the beauty and didn’t eat everything I saw.  hahah.

The kids enjoyed desserts.  We let them eat them first.  I hear those gasps again.

I know, I know, what were we thinking?  Getting the kids jacked up on sugar?

We were thinking that we had built up this amazing brunch for weeks for Mother’s Day and we wanted the kids to be completely in the moment with their excitement.  Would we do it again?  Maybe on another special occasion.  But that’s exactly why we did it.  Funny enough, they went for the real food after eating dessert and asked for ketchup with their turkey.

FACT– Ketchup is the most popular condiment among 3-6-year-olds by the way.

I treated myself to berries and cream with a beautiful butterfly chocolate.

The kids also enjoyed fruit. The spread was almost too pretty to eat.

Pack LEGOS and coloring books.

I had the kids get a ziplok bag and fill it with their favorite LEGOS.  I also took blank paper and coloring books with plenty of crayons.  This kept them busy in between desserts.  This is what saved us.  They needed a distraction.  Something to do while mommy and daddy ate.

We had a delicious, drama free brunch.  It was really enjoyable and the kids behaved.  It could of gone another direction but having no expectations and bringing stuff for the kids to do was key.

For more information about Ironwood Steak and Seafood, including reservations click HERE.

(800) 863-2819 | EMAIL

400 Ave of the Champions • Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33418

ibar is open friday saturday 5 00pm-12 00am midnight



Many thanks to PGA Resort and Spa for hosting this beautiful brunch for my family and I. 

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  1. What a beautiful brunch! I love the butterfly chocolate. I have a thing for butterflies, though… and chocolate. I tend to avoid restaurants on holidays. I do want to say that I love that you looked forward to including your kids in Mother’s day. To me, that’s what it is all about. If it weren’t for our kids, we wouldn’t even BE mothers. I never understood moms wanting to ditch the family and be single again on the one day of the year we celebrate what made us moms.

  2. I love this! My kids surprise me everyday too and I love it. I think brunch is a great way to spend the day. I love doing a family activity. I can tell you treasure your littles!

  3. I am drooling looking at the food photos. That must have been a very special brunch.

  4. Well if you ask me, the food was worth the 45 drive to get there. It all looked so yummy for mummy! Good on you for choosing what you wanted to enjoy on your special day.

  5. The food looks amazing. I love the desserts with the butterflies on them. Motherhood is definitely full of surprises.

  6. That food looks amazing! I, too, love brunch. It’s so nice to get out of the house as a family and not have to cook or do the dishes afterwards.

  7. Omg… Everything pictured here looks so good! I can understand wanting to dress up and get out after being mommy to busy children every other day of the year.

  8. Wonderful storytelling! I was imagining the whole scene, the kids, you! Happy Mother’s Day sweetheart! I’m glad you had an amazing time!

  9. I am right there with you. I love being with my kids on Mother’s Day. We went for brunch and it was simply amazing.

  10. Motherhood indeed is full of surprises! My toddler isn’t on the stage of asking questions yet, but there are things she’d do and say that surprises us!
    Whenever there’s an occasion (anniversary, mother’s day), I would always tell my husband that I just want us to have a date or a “me-time” , but I always change my mind at the last minute and say I like to bring our daughter with us. Haha! 😉

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