How to Get Rid of Grey Roots in 2 Seconds
Blog - April 18, 2019

How to Get Rid of Grey Roots in 2 Seconds

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When did your hair start turning grey? I just turned 48 years-old and I have terrible grey roots.  But the truth is that I inherited my ashy grey roots from my Greek father many years ago; about 25 years-old.  He was fully grey at around the same age as me.

So, I have had to battle with grey hair for many years until I found Gray Away.   My poor hair has been dyed and fried from all the salon appointments.  Recently,  I decided I was not going to put my hair through this anymore and letting my hair grow out a little would allow it to be healthier, also making it more cost efficient, and easier for time management.  In other words, let my grey roots break free for a while with the help of Gray Away!

I have a busy life raising two boys under 7 years-old and I’m lucky if I make time for a manicure, much less a hair appointment. I also have different priorities than I once had when in my 20’s and 30’s.

So, now, I only get my hair cut about every 3 months (gasp!) and I dye my own hair, including touch ups, which I now take my time doing with a little help from Gray Away’s Temporary Root Concealer Spray at Walmart.  It’s such a great alternative to the stress I go through when trying to make time to touch up my roots myself or go to the salon. It takes care of my grey roots in 2 seconds! It’s more affordable and still gives me the professional grade quality that a salon can do.

How to Get Rid of Grey Roots in 2 Seconds

I can just touch up on the go and know that I’m not going to make a mess in the bathroom, and that I have no pressure to get my hair done, even when going to events.  I can also throw Gray Away’s Root Touch-Up Quick Stick at Walmart and the Temporary Root Concealer Spray at Walmart in my purse.   I am known to do my whole beauty routine while waiting in the car line.

Root Touch-Up Quick Stick at Walmart provides ultra-targeted gray root coverage at the hairline and eyebrows, and is dual-ended with an angled tip for precise application and a sponge tip for effortless blending.  I used to have to conceal my under eyes, now I’ll be concealing my brows with Gray Away.

I may have to spread out my salon appointments even more since summer is coming up and the kids are home.  I will have to stock up on my Gray Away products!

You can purchase online or at your  local Walmart and check out the ibotta app to earn cash back. Gray Away is also available at ULTA Beauty and CVS Pharmacy. Which color best suits you? Can you guess which one I am?


  1. OMG. I am right about where you are with the greys… they are starting to make an appearance and I need to do something about it!

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