5 Homeschool Hacks for the Covid-19 Quarantine
Family - March 24, 2020

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I never thought I would be in this situation.  When I say “situation,” I mean quarantining our family and worrying about catching a deadly virus.  For the last 10 days, we have been looking for activities for the kids during quarantine. And now, we are being forced to homeschool.  I’m not sure how I’m going to find time to blog and homeschool. My kids are more important though so blogging may have to take a back seat.

Homeschooling is not something I anticipated.  But I will take it on and use it as an opportunity to spend more time with my children and make memories.  The Covid-19 virus outbreak will go down  in the books for sure.

So, since I am only homeschooling due to school closures I want to find out some homeschooling tips and tricks. I’m looking for free online homeschooling resources and homeschooling cheat sheets.

I found some bloggers that have some great tips and advice on homeschooling for beginners. From creating a daily schedule and a realistic schedule to learning online, these homeschooling mamas know what they are talking about!

printable schedule of a homeschooling routine

Find a Realistic Schedule for Kids at Home During a Shutdown

by SunnyDayFamily.com

pin on 101+ ways to keep kids learning

Use Online Ways to Keep Kids Learning

by TwoKidsandaCoupon

graphic that says combining structure and play

Combine Structure and Play

by TheGrowingCreatives

pin for 5 books every homeschool mom should read

Read Books on Homeschooling

by OnMoxie&Motherhood

child's hands holding a lizard

Get Outside

by AttachmentMummy.com

These are great articles by mom bloggers who know what they are talking about! Get crackin ladies! We have work to do!

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