Why I am Grateful for Having a Miscarriage
November 30, 2016

  I never thought these words would ever come out of my mouth.  EVER. It's been almost seven years.  It was around Thanksgiving and we went to Disney to celebrate the three-month pregnancy.  After all, my doctor warned me that I might not be able to have children.  He said with having endometriosis and being 39 years-old, my chances were slim. It took about eight months to get pregnant and we were excited. But when we were at Disney, I went to the bathroom and saw a little blood on my underwear, I panicked. There Was a Faint Heartbeat It was the weekend and I talked to the nurse.  When I went in on Monday there was a faint heartbeat so I was relieved. But then the weekend came and when I …

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Lucky Bars
July 24, 2016

I bet if I asked you if your child was a picky eater, 90% of you would say yes.  My kids will eat anything that are snacks.  So broccoli becomes a snack.  Chicken nuggets become snacks.  God forbid my sons eat a full meal!  Yes, it's called lunch and dinner.  But they just don't get it.  So they snack a lot and of course one of their favorite snacks is my precious Smart For Life cookies!   You can take my Starbucks away for a few days, but don't take away my Smart For Life cookies! So when we discovered the Lucky Bars, my picky eaters/ kids were thrilled!  They have as much protein as two eggs and are so tasty the kids have to hide them …

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Why Acai-Pomegranate Appetite Suppressing Concentrate Drops Will Help You Drink More Water
July 10, 2016

Most people I know complain about not drinking enough water.  A lot of my friends drink soda.  I drink a lot of coffee which is a diuretic and dehydrates the body.  All more of a reason to drink more water.  There are so many reasons that drinking water is good for your health. When I went on the Smart For Life diet I was told that I had to drink water.  That it was key to losing weight and boy were they right!  When I didn't drink enough water I was bloated and lethargic.  Water cleans out your system, pushes everything out.  It hydrates the body and flushes out toxins.  It's really important to drink water.  But sometimes knowing that isn't enough for me to do …

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5 Reasons Why Everyone Should Try The Smart For Life Diet
April 26, 2016

Well, here we are six months later on this amazing journey with Smart For Life.  I am so grateful to go through this journey and share the ups and downs with my readers.  I have eaten 5,790,873 cookies and lost 30lbs.  I kid! I kid! hahah.  But really, I have eaten ALOT of cookies.  But guess what?  You'd think I'd be sick of them by now, but I'm not!  I really enjoy them and can't imagine life without them.  So can I eat anything I want now?  No, I have to maintain this weight.  That means that I have to remember the reasons why I started this journey, and realize that it's about balance, not eating everything I see on the grocery store shelves.   I …

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