Sandalwood and Gemstone Mala by LOVEPRAY JEWELRY
Clothing & Accessories - March 3, 2016

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I love Rose Quartz.  I have vivid memories of the first time I wore it.  I had climbed out of post partum depression and a wonderful woman recommended that I review her baby bonding bracelet.  This was fine but I wasn’t pregnant anymore.  I guess she knew what she was suggesting but couldn’t say it.  I put it under my pillow and slept like a baby.  I also had deep, loving dreams.  I was hooked!  This was such a great experience that I started loving all kinds of yoga inspired jewelry.

That is why I wanted to review the Healing Sandalwood and Matte Gemstone Necklace.

It is stunning in the picture but when this yoga inspired jewelry is worn, it’s a different story.  I just love this mala.  It brings me back to the first time I held a mala in a Buddhist temple in Miami.  I couldn’t believe how disciplined they were sitting, chanting, counting mantras.  It was beautiful.  I didn’t realize that I didn’t have to be Buddhist to enjoy this piece of jewelry.

This mala can be worn as a necklace or a wrap.  It will wrap around your wrist four times.  For a mother of toddlers, it’s probably best to use as a wrap bracelet if you don’t want it to get ripped off your neck!   I’ve been wearing it for over a week, apprehensive that it’s going to break from getting in the middle of my sons’ wrestling matches.  But it’s very sturdy and stable.  That’s because it is stringed on their signature thick hitec elastic.  It’s also made with genuine matte rose quartz, which is a heart healing gemstone with a very soothing energy.   The aromatic Sandalwood is subtle and warm and the Tibestan capped pearl encompasses and enhances both the spiritual and physical well-being of men and women.  I feel naked without this mala.IMG_3805 offers so much more in earthy, yoga inspired jewelry.  Handmade from California, with so much to choose from, custom sizing, you must check this site out!  The packaging is also beautiful representing their brand perfectly. Check them out HERE and get 25% off using the code MOMJUNKY25.

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  1. I have heard of a rosary, but not the yoga beads. Of course, I have heard of yoga exercises to relax.
    I don’t believe in Budha or the eastern practices. The only solace I have gotten was from Jesus Christ.

  2. Oooh this is super pretty! I absolutely believe that gemstones can be so powerful!! What a beautiful piece!!

  3. Beautiful! I like to have a mantra I say when using my mala. Rose quartz is a crystal I have been drawn too a lot lately. Thank you for sharing!

  4. The sandal Bead and Gem Stone Necklace /Bracelet is just Beautiful! I love beads and they are just my style. Thank you for the review it was good to see the video you showed and told about the Jewelry just Beautifully!

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