Greek Orzo Salad
Recipes - October 23, 2014

ss_R040730I ‘m not a big fan of orzo.  However, this salad is so amazing it doesn’t even matter.  I’m also quite critical of anything labeled Greek.  I lived in Greece and my grandmother cooked for me and nothing (except for my mom’s cooking) could ever live up to her cooking).  This salad is so fresh and tasty.  I get requests for it whenever we have birthday parties or baby showers.  The only thing I would recommend is not putting the dressing on until the very last minute because the orzo absorbs it.  If you keep the salad overnight you can just jazz it up again with lemon and olive oil.  It’s a great party dish.

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  1. My husband would eat the entire thing by himself! My only problem are the olives, which is strange because I use olive oil. I just can’t eat olives. I’d probably have to mince them into oblivion first.

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