Grab a Party Kit and a Cake and Celebrate with LGO Bakery
Fun - May 21, 2020

Are you looking for the best cakes in Phoenix? LGO Bakery in Phoenix is the place to go when it comes to ordering cakes. Check out the custom made Sonic Birthday Cake they made me!

LGO party kit with two sonic cakes
Sonic Birthday Cakes

When we had our Birthday party for Oliver, I looked for the best cakes in Phoenix. I usually end up at LGO Bakery, because, really, they have the best cakes in Phoenix! I’m obsessed with LGO Bakery cakes because they are like no other cakes I’ve ever tasted.

They have cakes for any occasion and the executive pastry chef, Andrea Moreno creates the most magical cakes. LGO Bakery is the best bakery in Phoenix.

We visit La Grande Orange Cafe regularly and eat their salads and baked goods but right next door at the LGO Bakery, the cakes are a whole other world! They have the most delicious, best quality cakes I have ever tasted.

The red velvet cake is really good. Oh, so good. A slice is enough for two but once you dig in, you will not want to share. The carrot cake is delish too.

We’ve also had the Clown Shoes cake with yellow funfetti cake and milk chocolate buttercream covered in sprinkles.

Birthday Celebration cake from LGO Bakery

We’ve had the Birthday Celebration cake also. This cake has dark chocolate cake and white chocolate vanilla buttercream covered in nonpareils.

This time my son wanted a Sonic cake. So I asked LGO Bakery if they could do it and, of course, they said yes! His birthday cake was exactly how he wanted. It was fun and colorful with character decor. Much like what you would get from a grocery store, except, it was DELICIOUS! Don’t get me wrong,

I’ve had some pretty good grocery store kid’s birthday cakes, but this was something on a whole other level. It looked amazing and tasted amazing.

We also got their party kit. Getting the party kit is a really good idea as it saves you the time and effort to look for candles, party plates, matching napkins and the fun toppers.

Having the LGO Bakery Party Kit also saved me from forgetting topper or candles as I have in the past. Very embarrassing but factual…

blue cake with toppers

The party was a total hit and of course everyone was talking about the cakes! I think sometimes as adults we tend to overlook the level of appreciation young kids can have for a quality cake. I’m guilty of it. In the past I’ve bought the “typical kids’ cake” and a more sophisticated cake from a bakery for the adults.

This party showed me that kids, even young ones, can recognize and appreciate quality. From now on I will always get the same quality cake for the kids that I am getting for the adults.

Inside LGO Bakery

If you haven’t checked out LGO Bakery, you must.

storefront image of LGO cake shop

So, which cake will it be?

LGO Bakery is located at 4410 N 40th St, Ste 5, Phoenix, AZ 8018.

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