5 Ways to Create the Spa Experience in Your Bathtub
October 18, 2018

Boy, has it been a long time since I went to a spa.  Seriously, I think we can all agree that most of us moms get to go to a spa either on vacation or when it's Mother's Day.  I still haven't redeemed my Mother's Day spa gift certificate from four years ago!  There's never enough time in the day.  There are lunches to be packed, laundry to be done, dinner to be made, pick-ups, drop-offs and the list goes on.  Oh yes, and work. But I am no stranger to creating the spa experience at home.  If I can't get to the spa I bring the spa to me. 1. I schedule a moment.  I make sure the kids are in bed (and sleeping of course). 2. …

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How to Entertain with Wheat and Gluten Free Snacks
July 15, 2018

My kids and I are snackaholics.  We love snacking, especially on crispy, crunchy foods, like crackers and chips.  However, these don't always sit well with us.  I have noticed my kids having blotchy skin and breakouts after eating gluten.  I also don't feel good eating wheat, so I have eliminated it for the most part. Of course, my kids just want a tasty snack.  They don't take into consideration whether it is gluten free or not.  It's up to me to find that out and make sure it meets their little picky standards. Children don't understand the benefits of a wheat and gluten free snack.  They care about flavor, yet as parents, some of us are looking for that and more; like crackers with no artificial flavors.   …

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