300 + Decadent Valentine’s Day Desserts for the Whole Family
Featured on Home - December 26, 2022

Here you will find 300 Valentine’s Day dessert ideas like Keto desserts, Gluten Free desserts, Vegan Desserts, sugar free, paleo, and more.

collage of valentine's day desserts

We have heart shaped everything, chocolate lava cakes and more…fresh strawberries for the strawberry cheesecake lover and chocolate chips for the chocolate lover.

What’s Your Favorite Valentine’s Day Dessert?

One of the main reasons I like Valentine’s Day is for the sweets.  Not the roses, or the romantic dinners, but for the sweets.  I have a major sweet tooth and this day is an excuse for me to indulge. It’s always fun to make Valentine’s treats.

I love this time of year because it makes me want to try new, creative treats like cookies, cupcakes and cakes.  The kids absolutely love it too, along with crafts and Valentine boxes for school.

My favorite sweets are chocolate covered strawberries and anything with whipped cream.or cream cheese frosting. I love anything chocolate, like chocolate cake, Red Velvet Cake (has cocoa), white chocolate, hot chocolate, chocolate mousse, milk chocolate, chocolate fondue, and chocolate cupcakes with chocolate frosting. My favorite fruit in desserts is raspberries which are perfect for this Holiday! I love fresh raspberry cake!

Cocoa Bombs for Desserts

This year I’m obsessed with Cocoa Bombs like Surprise Conversation Starter Cocoa Bombs. Proposal Cocoa Bombs, and Surprise Valentine Cocoa Bombs. They make great gifts. But do hot chocolate bombs count as dessert? I think so!

collage of valentine's Day desserts

I love the variety in this list. There are so many options, there is something to love for everyone, with any kind of diet restrictions.

Valentine’s Day Desserts

Valentine's Day Desserts

Amazing Valentine's Day Desserts

So, here are fun Valentine’s Day dessert recipes that the whole family can enjoy. Which one will you make?

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