Free Gnome Valentines Printables for the Kids
Printables - January 1, 2024

Check out these fun gnome Valentines Printables for the Kids to print out for their friends and loved ones.

pin for adorable Valentine Gnome Printables

This year I’m making homemade Valentine Gnomes. I fell in love with Scandinavian gnomes and Nordic gnomes while visiting Finland. Gnomes were everywhere.

Valentine Gnomes with Conversation Starter hats

Since visiting Finland, I have become obsessed with Gnomes; Finnish Gnomes and Swedish Gnomes! They are so cute and cuddly and represent a country I fell in love with.

These Valentines Gnomes were easy to make, using just a couple items and some socks. The best thing was that they were a no sew caft!

I brought some back from the North Pole and realized that here in the U.S they are really popular during Christmas.

As I researched more, I realized that there is a whole Gnome community out there and that there is a Gnome for every occasion, including Valentine’s Day. Crafts are popular for this Holiday.

I love doing Valentine’s Day Printables and put together some cute printables for kids.

Printable Valentine Gnomes With Conversation Hearts

gnomes with conversation hearts printables

These are gnome printables with conversation hearts. I’ve always loved conversation hearts. One year we made conversation hearts out of recycled crayons.

Gnome Valentines Printables with Nordic hearts.

nordic  heart printables

You can download Gnome Valentines Printables with nordic hearts.



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