Fun DIY Rock Tutorials
DIY - July 15, 2020

fun rock painting tutorials

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We recently found ourselves looking for some new kids activities to do inside, because of Covid-19. Just when we think we can’t find any thing more creative to do, I dig around and end up finding something, like fun diy rock painting tutorials.

Unfortunately, we lost the privilege to just pick up and go to the park or go to the public pool or water park. This virus has tried to ruin our summer. Gone are the days of endless play dates. It’s been trying on our family.

But we did find some fun indoor activities to do, along with back yard activities including water toys. There’s always something.

painted rocks with positive messages

Kindness Rocks

Then I thought maybe we could do something nice for others while doing a fun activity; like kindness stones, also known as story stones. I always knew about it, and we even tried DIY rock painting a few years ago. But this time I wanted to do something more intricate and with a positive message.

pin for rock painting tutorials

Rock Painting Tutorials

So, I checked around. Some things to consider are what brushes to use, how to choose the perfect stone, what to write on the stone, and what paint to use. You can even buy rock painting kits for kids and books on rock painting. I created this round up of top rock painting tutorials to give us ideas. I hope you enjoy!

DIY Painted Rocks tutorials

Fun Rock Painting Ideas

We are having so much fun with these! Which one’s are you going to do?

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