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Kids - July 2, 2015

2015-06-16 12.20.12 Am I the only one that feels like it’s a full time job just to get my son to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner?  He wants to snack all day and it’s not on veggies!  I can’t tell you how many times I have tried different meals, sneaking veggies in them, only to fail one more time and waste food and eventually go back to chicken nuggets (mommies bff).

So I was excited to try out some products from Fresh Baby.  It is an awesome site that helps parents and kids learn about healthy eating and the importance of activities.  Fresh Baby encourages parents, giving them tools to help them reduce a child’s risk of obesity. They offer books with recipes, a newsletter and information that is helpful for anyone, no matter what their budget is or where they live. I truly got more than I bargained for when I received their products.

I know the importance of healthy eating and do my best with what I’ve got.  I don’t buy all organic but I spray my veggies and fruits.  The kids are allowed snacks anytime if they consist of fruits or veggies.  I have my little ways.  Although, I give up easily if they don’t like something.  But Fresh Baby made it so simple!

I received the The Kids MyPlate Dinnerware Set which includes a2015-07-01 17.16.23 4-Section MyPlate, 4- to 6-ounce Dairy Cup, MyPlate/Let’s Move Kid’s Placemat, and 3-piece Cutlery Set with case.  I love the placemat which has pictures of games and activities on one side and a picture of the sectioned plate on the other side.  The dairy cup can be used for anything like milk, juice, water, or smoothies.  But the genius behind this cup is that it has a lid with a hole so that toddlers can transition from the sippy cup to the cup.  The plate is perfectly sized for fruits, vegetables, proteins, and grains. It also comes with a 3 piece cutlery set with a convenient case I can use for my diaper bag if we are on the go. Everything is dishwasher safe and the The Kids MyPlate Dinnerware Set comes in two languages, English and Spanish.

Henri loved his “big boy” cutlery and cup.  He insists on having his “special plate that you got in the mail.”  I’ve never seen him so excited about eating up until now.  The best thing for me is that the plate is a constant reminder to teach him to eat healthy.

2015-06-24 15.19.03We also received this awesome Kids Collapsible Water Bottle.  It’s reusable and dishwasher safe.  I like to freeze it with water inside for when I’m on the go.  But it also collapses and folds easily so I can throw it in my bag, unlike bottled water.  It also has a place to put my son’s name and can be clipped onto anything for easy access.

These items made eating and drinking fun for my son. It changed his outlook on eating.  I don’t feel defeated when it’s time to eat anymore.  That’s what matters to me.  He is no longer saying all the time, “no dinner, I want to pick a snack.”  It’s not a battle of the wills anymore (at least with food).  These items sparked his interest and got 2015-06-16 12.24.58us talking about food again.

Finally, here he is wearing his Fresh Baby Apron.  He loves to cook so we are going to check out some of Fresh Baby’s Recipes like Roasted Cauliflower with Three Greens Dip.

Check out my video about Fresh Baby products below!

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  1. Lucee, it has been a pleasure to work with you. We’ve enjoyed seeing your social media posts, video and now blog post. We’re thrilled your son Henri loves everything – that makes our day.

  2. Ahhh my son would love this!! Lol Shoot, I know I would too! I always need help on the portion controlling, since I grew up with a big family and am use to making large portions and not realizing how much I’m giving my son at one sitting. And I really don’t want him to end up with any weight problems like I had at his age! And the collapsible water bottle is genius!

  3. I am so excited about this cute set!! I have a hard time getting my son to eat healthy or in general lol!! Im hoping this will encourage him and get him excited to eat again!! Yay Fresh Baby!! You rock!!

  4. This sounds like a great product I will be checking them out any way to get the kids to eat healthy is awesome.Thank you for sharing this 🙂

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