Foolproof Persuasion by Vinh Ly
Free Daily Books - April 28, 2015

61PvrGNb+qL._SL1001_The Visual Guide To Influencing Others Without Ever Being Wrong [Kindle Edition]

Why is nobody listening to you?

Are you going from job interview to job interview without getting an offer?
Why won’t your spouse consult you on any decision?
Why isn’t anybody supporting your projects?
It’s hard to feel so powerless and not know why.

With Foolproof Persuasion, you can influence anybody anywhere, just by asking questions.

Questions are never wrong, so forget those endless and heated arguments
Questions will help you to really understand the other person
You will create engagement, rapport and successful persuasion
Foolproof persuasion is the new book release of Vinh LY, the bestselling author of Billion Dollar Influence, a persuasion skills masterclass from someone who sells private jets for a living.

You will not have to learn hundreds of power questions by heart. Foolproof Persuasion gives you the tools to create effective questions on the spot

The book is packed with cartoons to aid visual learning.
You will learn to use the questions in different situations
You will recognize the situations that can go wrong and instinctively know the persuasive way to react.

Don’t wait! This book comes with additional training material.


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