Faking It With New AGEbeautiful
Makeup & Beauty - June 22, 2016

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I have been faking it for years.   I think I started faking it in my late 20’s.  At first it felt natural to fake it, but as the years went by it became more work.  But it really works for me now.   Age is just a number, right?

So at forty-five years old I now know whether I will be using gold, ash, or red bases for my hair color.  I have experience in faking it.  With all that experience, I’ve gotten to know the over the counter brands, the salon brands, and the ones at Sally’s.  Now more than ever, the term “aging” is used in my vocabulary.  The forties are the new thirties, right?  But let’s face it, my hair is aging and the greys are multiplying.  Now I can no longer go more than six weeks without faking it and using hair color.  But there’s no shame in that!  In fact, I love the compliments I get about how young I look.

One of the brands I’ve tried and am pleased with is AGEbeautiful.  If you want to see the results you can read my review.   I dare you to fake it and redefine your age with AGEbeautiful Haircolor .  It targets 5 signs of aging hair (grays, thinning, wiry texture, dryness and dullness) and restores moisture, volume, manageability, and shine. Each product is also infused with vitamin E for hair and scalp health.

If you find yourself at the drug store counter getting the same old box of hair color when what you really want is that afterglow of a professional treatment, stop by Sally’s and pick up a box of AGEbeatiful Haircolor .  You’ll be glad you faked it once again. You can do it in the privacy of your own home, but with the feel and look of the salon. It includes a bottle, gloves, and cap. It is easy to use.

This is a sponsored post by Zotos Professionals.




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