Things to do at Everglades Holiday Park
Florida - August 2, 2016


Living in Florida for twenty years, you’d think I would have seen an alligator by now, but no, I haven’t and neither has my family.  So we were excited to go to Everglades Holiday Park and check out the gators!  Plus, it is home to the to the Gator Boys Alligator Rescue, featured on Animal Planet’s hit show.

family standing in front of Everglades Holiday Park

Things to do at Everglades Holiday Park

AirBoat Tour

We went there on a Sunday morning and picked up our tickets for the AirBoat Tour.  It was just a few minutes until they called our number and we walked down to the port where the boats are waiting for us.  The tour boats depart every twenty minutes so you don’t get stuck standing out in the heat for long.

photo booth

Take a Picture

Before we stepped on the boat, we had our free family picture taken of us.  From getting our tickets to the boat was very fast, which is important when you have two small kids.

boat in the everglades

The captain was very nice and took us on an hour long journey through the swampy grass and gave us some information about the everglades and the natural habitat living there.


Get Close to Alligators

We were apprehensive about being so close to the alligators but it was very safe.  My two and four-year-old loved it and were thrilled to see the alligators and nature all around us.  My two-year-old got a little ancy at the end, which is expected but we would definitely take them both again.


There are eight alligators that the captains know by name and we got to see three of them.  I loved how he called them by their name and they came right out to see us.


I was happy seeing three alligators but he mentioned that if anybody wanted to go back out again to see more they could.


Check out our video of the Airboat Tour below.

The hour went by pretty fast and we were heading back to the dock.


Check out the Gator Show

If you want to see the Gator Show, the last boat departs at 3:40PM.


I recommend getting off the boat and going straight there because it can get crowded and if you want to take pictures you need to be up front.


It is pretty cool to see the interaction and presentation with the alligators at their rescue!


It was wild to see this!


Take Pictures with the Handlers

Afterwards, you can go and check out some more animals and get some pictures taken with them if you’d like.


You can pick the photos right there.  They make it very easy.

girl holding aligator

Check out the General Store

There is a deli, General Store (where we got tickets) and gift shop. We didn’t eat any food but it looked yummy.


There’s plenty of things to buy for the whole family.


Stuffed animals!






Onesies! And much more, including snacks, sunscreen, etc.

Things to do at Everglades Holiday Park Get a coupon for $4 OFF One Adult’s Airboat Tour TicketHERE.  Check out their groups and events HERE.

Visit their website HERE

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