15 Etiquette Tips for Zoom Video Meetings
Family - March 27, 2020

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Since the Covid-19 quarantine, people have been working from home and having meetings via Zoom video conferencing with employees. Friends have been having meetings in groups and 12 Step meetings have closed locations and set up their meetings via Zoom. This means that Zoom has probably, literally helped save lives.

But what about Zoom manners, Zoom etiquette, how to act in a Zoom meeting or what to wear in a Zoom meeting?

This got me thinking about video conference etiquette while attending a Zoom video meeting. I have read some funny stuff lately about what is not appropriate. Apparently some people are just not used to online video conferencing.

Today I was involved in a zoom meeting with about 20 second graders. It was complete chaos with some kids trying to make announcements and some trying to be heard. There were giggles and babies crying. It was awesome.

We’ve needed human interaction for a long time. The Covid-19 virus has put a hold on everyone’s life. We’ve made the best of it with activities and looking for homeschooling hacks. We’ve stocked up on necessities and stock piled food. We are set. But we are at home bored.

While I was attending a meeting today, I got tired, shut off the video screen of myself and laid down on the bed. When it was my turn to participate, I shot up and added myself back on and fumbled for the mute button so people could hear me. It was kind of embarrassing.

At another meeting later on, I hadn’t had time to take a shower so i wore a hat. But I then realized that the people from the previous meeting must have seen my dirty hair.

Another embarrassing moment.

I asked around on Facebook to see what people’s expectations were while attending a Zoom meeting and asked about proper etiquette, what to wear and how to act.

Here’s a list of suggestions from my Facebook friends.

Do Not Attend a Zoom Meeting While On The Toilet

It’s happened. You know it has. I”m not sure that I could face my coworkers if I did that. And if you think you muted the app and you didn’t, just don’t bother to come back to work.

Check Your Teeth, If You’ve Munched Recently.

by Richard from TravelBuisnessMastermind

I’ve walked around with spinach stuck in my teeth and it’s pretty embarrassing when you finally realize it. I’ve also realized that you can’t depend on anyone, not even your best friend to tell you if you have food in your teeth. You’re on your own. No one is watching out for you. Just carry a mirror.

Don’t Eat During a Zoom Call

by Jasmine Hewitt from LoveLaughMotherhood.com

Don’t eat and don’t chew gum! I’ve been refused a ride because I chew gum too loud.

Look Halfway Decent. Don’t Be In Your Pajamas With Bedhead

Karen Cantor from Ladyspaspa.com

Halfway decent may mean one thing to one person and another to different person. I think taking a shower before hand may be a good idea.

Wear a Shirt

by Valerie Weidlich

I’m assuming that if you’re not wearing a shirt it may be a specific kind of zoom meeting. (nudge, nudge, wink, wink, say no more)

Mute Yourself If You’re Eating

by Elizabeth R. Bain

I really enjoy the sound of me eating, so that’s not going to work.

Look Like You’re Actually Paying Attention to the Other Members of the Call

by Dana Brillante-Peller from ModernXennial.com

Maybe filing your nails can wait.

Make Sure Anyone Who Comes Into the Room has On Pants.

by Carrie Hurst from APrincessAndHerPirates.com

Basically just lock your door. This would be a great time to use a virtual background.

Mute Yourself When You’re Not Talking

by Sarah Mock from SavoringtheGood.com

I’m always talking. I insist on being the host and want to control everything.

Don’t bring Your Zoom To the Bathroom Without Pants!

by April Castoro Erhard from AprilGoLightly.com

There seems to be the common denominator of not wearing pants. I’m actually not wearing pants while I’m writing this, so it makes sense.

Hit the Space Bar For A Quick Way To Mute And Unmute Your Kids In The Background!

by Donielle Brinkman

This is really going to kick up my OCD. I don’t know that I can do it.

Have The Lighting In Your Face And Not On Your Back

by Sarah Mock

Does this include mornings and before coffee?

Mute Before you Yell at your Kids to Leave the Room!

by Reid Fuller from DottingTheMap.com

Or yell at your kids, then you leave the room.

Raise Your Laptop Up So It’s Eye Level – This Way We Don’t Have To Look Up Your Nose.

by Sally Black founder of VacationKids.com

Thanks for the visual?

Be Sure That Any Housemates Are Not Running Around In Their Underwear Behind You.

by Marco Verges

I’m starting to feel like I didn’t have the true “roommate” experience.

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This week has been something for the books. I’ve enjoyed my Zoom meetings

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