Essentials for Back to School During Covid-19
Blog - July 25, 2020

Back to School items

Thank you to any retailers who sent me product to facilitate this article. There are affiliate links in this post.

I have never written a back to school list where I had to consider remote learning as well. Homeschooling during Covid-19 may be a breeze for some parents who have home schooled already but not me! It’s a lot to take in.

Even with school just two weeks away, I am still uncertain of how things are going to be and what we will need for back to school during Covid-19. We have been buying more disinfecting wipes and taking safety measures when we leave the house like wearing face coverings.

We will do remote learning for the first 3 weeks so there is some wiggle room for school supplies. But there are certainty some back to school items we will need with because of Covid-19.

I know that we will need masks and hand sanitizer for back to school which is a priority for us. We will need uniforms eventually and lunchboxes and art supplies.


Old Navy masks

Old Navy

Old Navy has kid’s masks – 5 for $12.50. They are really comfy and lightweight.

Disney Face Masks for kids


These Disney kid’s masks are on preorder and are a lot more pricey, but hey, it’s Disney!

Walmart Kids Face Maks

Walmart Kid’s Face Masks

I haven’t tried these but if you want cheap, Walmart has a 3 pack of kid’s face masks for $3.97.

Target face masks

Target Kid’s Face Masks

boy on a bike in a uniform with a girl running behind him in a uniform


You can get uniforms from Walmart and Target but I usually get them from French Toast. Right now, you can receive a free mask with any purchase.

School Supplies

For school supplies, we use OOLY Mighty Pencil Sharpeners to sharpen our pencils and Jumbo Juicy Scented Highlighters for highlighting. We also love the Unmistakeables Erasable Color Pencils. These are colored pencils that are erasable. Perfect!

Note Pals OOLY

Note Pals are used for bookmarks, highlighting and staying organized. We also use Stay Sharp Pencils and the Jumbo Rainbow Scented Eraser (which will probably last the whole year

Lunch Boxes

planet box rover

Planet box

Planetbox lunch boxes are dishwasher safe, non-toxic, and have a 5-year warranty.  Planetbox also offers awesome accessories, from water bottles to utensils.

Blue Stuck on You Lunchbox and cover

Stuck on You

Stuck on You Bento Boxes are leak proof, dishwasher safe, BPA/phthalates free and professionally custom-printed with your design. We love that its personalized.

They have 6 compartments in a handy inner tray that can be removed from the outer box. The lid is lined with a removable leak-proof silicone seal that covers each individual compartment.  You can also swap out the normal Bento tray for a 4-compartment sandwich tray.

paint brushes

Art Supplies

My boys can’t live without drawing, painting and creating. They have to have art supplies at their fingertips at all times. We even travel with art supplies. and take them to restaurants (used to).

OOLY has been our go to one stop shop for everything. My “go to” art supplies for the kids are lil’ poster paint pods, water color paint pods, the paint brushes, Big Bright brush markers and dot-A-lot craft paint in neon brights or pearlescent.


two boys with backpacks with their arms around eachother

Pottery Barn


boy writing while chewing on a chewy

My boys love to put their fingers in their mouth.  Sometimes it’s for comfort, sometimes boredom and most of the time it’s a sensory thing.  I’ve been working on how to keep their hands out of their mouth for at least 6 months.  Since the Covid outbreak, I’ve been even more diligent.  I love Ark Therapeutic chewies.  Their selection is amazing. 

You can also find chewies on amazon.

EO Lavender hand sanitizer

Hand Sanitizer

I have to admit that this may be the one product that I did not put in the kids back pack last year. I’ve always kept it in my back pack though.

With the recent events, not only do they each get one in their back pack but they will each be labeled with their names. The French Lavender Hand Sanitizer is great for the kids and my boys use it every time we leave the house.

Back to School items for Covid-19

These back to school items are my “go to” items every year, whether we are in a pandemic or not. School supplies are part of back to school. It’s up to you to make it fun!

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  1. This is an awesome list! You’ve covered not only the items needed for school, but the places where you can find them at!! Definitely pin worthy!! My only question that I have is if the hand sanitizer is safe? I saw on the news that there were some hand sanitizers that seep through the skin making a child sick?? The safety of this item should be included in your above description. Thank you for sharing!

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