Awesome Elf on the Shelf Ideas: Fun for the Whole Family!
Crafts - November 2, 2023

Are you a part of the Elf on the Shelf madness? Well, if not, get on the crazy train and check out these fun easy ideas of awesome Elf above the Shelf Ideas! This elf friend is a popular tradition, especially on Christmas Eve. So it would be a great way and a simple idea to make your own new friend the elf.

During quarantine, the Elf on the Shelf Activities and Ideas become necessary to have super fun.

Despite being as a happy mom, I didn’t have a good experience with The Elf on the Shelf when the kids were very young. I just wanted so badly to be a little bit part of the madness, but my kids were too young. Now they love what mama loves. I mean the elf antics which are absolutely creative ideas and make them have lots of fun. We even have Elf on the Shelf tools and activities. This year the Elf over the Shelf is in quarantine with us to have much fun together during this time of year.

So, now that The Elf Shelf is not just a fun Christmas tradition. It is actually a family tradition for so many people. That’s why I thought I’d offer some fun Activities. Especially now that we are staying home more than ever, it gives the kids something to do. There are tons of Elf on the Shelf fun ideas that will make you giggle!

The Clever Elf-Shelf Tradition for Christmas Time

The best elf idea is when this little guy turns as part of Christmas decorations. Along with the Christmas lights, it helps you come up with new ideas for the holiday season. You can have your kid create elf Christmas stockings with the child’s name on them , and above all made with their own little hands.                                                                       

I found some fun ideas for the family elf thing like Elf over the Shelf Planner. There’s also Elf on the Shelf DIY Mask ideas, and fun Stem activities and more. They range from funny elf and naughty elf to the fun elf, creative elf, and simple elf to family’s elf and scout elf. Every new elf will definitely become your favorite elf. It’s an easy way and a little gift for your beloved ones.

So when the children are in for extra fun like if they ask for a movie night, give them a better way to have fun. Simply benefit from funny ideas as these easy elf ideas. A good idea would be to prepare some candy canes, mini marshmallows, hot chocolate, chocolate chips, hot cocoa, bubble gum , or ice cream to engage them in the big elf deal.

Then, start the craft, create, cook process. Grab some shelf accessories as shelf clothes, dry erase marker, wrapping paper, toilet paper roll, and cotton balls. Then have your busy kids give a little help. Finally, in a very little time, you will have a toy parade of a mischievous elf, last minute elf, scout elves, hilarious elf,….                                                                                        

Get yours For Elf on the Shelf Printables and Activity Sheets

Check out these fun Elf on the Shelf Ideas!

Elf on the Shelf Ideas

Awesome Elf on the Shelf Activities and Ideas



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