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Makeup & Beauty - July 9, 2015

enlightment_collection__19892.1381854659.300.226I stumbled upon Ecco Bella beauty products online and what I gathered at first glimpse was that it was an organic makeup line; mineral and plant based.  I have come across many “natural” and “organic” makeup lines lately but the one thing that I found with Ecco Bella beauty products was its philosophy on compassion towards animals.  Sure, they all say their products are “cruelty-free” but Ecco Bella takes it a step further.   It’s about compassion towards all living creatures and nature as a whole.  I do not have to be Vegan to understand that.  Compassion is an act, not just a feeling.  The opposite of compassion is indifference or cruelty.  Ecco Bella has a history and you can see why compassion is so important to founder, Sally Malanga in the video at the end of this review.

What I didn’t realize with Eco Bella is that it’s not all about the toxins and chemicals, it’s about the respect for the customer and their needs and beliefs.  And chances are if the products are not cruelty-free the makeup line is also not concerned with the ingredients in their products.

I received two products from the Enlightenment Collection.2015-07-09 10.27.06

The first product was the Mystic powdered eyeliner which can be used wet (as a liner) or dry (as a shadow).  At first sight, I was a little nervous about applying it on my blue eyes.  It’s a deep electric blue.  It came with Celestial eye shadow, a gold/yellow pigment.  I got even more nervous because I’m a “natural girl” when it comes to wearing makeup.  Don’t get me wrong, I’ll do a beautiful makeover on someone else but those are not colors I would purchase.

2015-07-09 10.27.08But as you can see, it came out lovely and I was pleasantly surprised.  I used the liner very close to the lash line so it was there but not in your face kind of there.

I also received  Purity blush, which is a great color for my skin tone but can be used as a highlighter on deeper skin.

All their products are sold in refill packaging, to save on landfill garbage.  They have cute black refillable and reusable compacts.  They also carry parfums, skin care, haircare, and body care.

Check out their website HERE

Here is a video of Ecco Bella Sally’s Story

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  1. Thank you for the review.This company sounds like they have some very nice products I love that they are a cruelty free company.Thank you for sharing this 🙂

  2. I like the fact that this company does more than “talk the talk.” Also, the products look lovely on you. I’ll certainly be looking more closely at this line.

  3. That blush color is perfection on you!! I love this company already just by hearing their beliefs!! If only all the people and corporations in the world could be so considerate!!

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