Easy Snack Ideas for Kids
Snacks - September 11, 2021

Are you looking for Easy Snack Ideas for Kids? It’s all about the snack choices in my house and I’ve got some great recommendations!

lunch box with ritz crackers in a snack pack and cheese and veggies

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School is back in person and we are so excited to be changing things up again. We have been together at home for months and it’s been great spending time as a family.  With school going from virtual to in person, we are thinking of new ways to change up snacking. School snacks are different from at home snacks.

When at school, my boys love snacks and small packages of things. 

Ritz pin for snack ideas

They like their food and their snacks separated and portioned. Finding snacks for kids can be challenging sometimes. 

Then of course, I have a picky eater.  Lucky me! One of my sons doesn’t like bread at all. If I ask him what he wants for lunch for school he says, “nothing.” It’s hard to work with that.  

So, we focus on kid friendly snacks.

If I ask him what snacks he wants, he gives me a list. Kids are funny like that. But kids love opening a boxes of snacks full of fun things like Ritz, Chips Ahoy, and Oreos. 

blue bowl of Ritz

Here are 3 Snack ideas for picky eaters:

lunchbox with salami, fruit, cheese, vegetables and ritz crackers.
ritz in lunchbox

Pack Cold Snacks

I find that my picky eater prefers his lunches cold. So, I often cut up some cheese and ham or salami and let him make his own sandwiches with crackers.


He loves Ritz crackers, especially the ones that are prepackaged. It’s so easy to just pop the snack pack in his snack box. This also helps stop any cracker crumbs floating around the snack box.

unch box

The Ritz 18CT are perfect for packing cold lunches. They go with everything and are great alone too!

ritz boxes on shelf at Walmart

The RITZ Portion Pack 18 Count is available at Walmart.


Always Pack Dessert 

I have never met a picky eater that didn’t like dessert. There have been many arguments about lunches with or without desserts. What justifies getting dessert in their lunch box?I like to balance everything out, so as long as they have some veggies with their lunch, they can have dessert. 

oreo coming out of package

But one of my son’s is just like me.  He could live off of desserts and eat nothing else and we all know that’s not reasonable! 

The super cool thing about these single packets of Oreo’s is that they are included in the Nabisco Snacking Essentials 30CT. So many choices for snacks and desserts!

The new variety of Multipacks are perfect for any of your on the go needs! Lunches, road trips, after school sports, or late night snacks.
Snacking Essentials Variety 30 Count.

Having the individual cookies make it so much easier to be on the go for travel too. We don’t want to take a whole box of cookies on a 2 day road trip.

chips ahoy

Kids can get bored too with the same dessert, so I like to mix it up with choices. The Chips Ahoy 18CT chocolate chip cookies are a win win for my boys.

two chips ahoy peaking out of package

I like to take these on road trips too so I don’t have to pack too much. I can pack portions and not over pack.

ritz pin

Give them Choices

It’s all about the snack choices in my house.  My boys love anything packaged and portioned. The new variety of Multipacks are perfect for any of our on the go, lunches, road trips, after school sports. 
Two days a week my boys have Basketball and Dodgeball, so I pack them extra snacks.  They always know that there is extra water and snacks in the front pocket of their backpack.

Nabisco Snacking Essentials 30CT, available at Walmart, gives us that variety that we need in our house. 

The kids will be happy when they open up their snack box.

Spring into new multipacks

Giving kids choices when it comes to snacks is key.  Giving kids choices when it comes to snacks is key. Head over to Walmart in-store & via Walmart online grocery and check out the new variety of Multipacks.

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