Easy Pasta Recipes Cookbook by Lorie Dulcie
Food - January 19, 2016



Learn How To Make Pasta By Mastering The Art Of Making Artisan Pasta, Pasta Salad Recipes, And Pasta Sauce Recipes Perfect For Your Sunday Sauce [Kindle Edition]



Get Ready To Discover The Secret To Cooking Healthy Delicious Pasta Recipes Quickly And Easily!

Reading This Cookbook Will Teach You The Proper Way of Cooking And Eating Homemade Pasta Dishes

Reading This Cookbook Will Teach You How To Make Pasta Recipes, Noodle Recipes, and Pasta Salad Recipes as an Appetizer, Main Course, Or A Snack

This Easy Pasta Recipes Cookbook Can Be Used by Beginners, As Well As Those Well Informed About Italian Cuisine

Each Pasta Recipe In This Easy Pasta Cookbook Not Only Has The Standard Ingredients List And Step-By-Step Instructions, But Also Has A Beautiful Photo Of The Finished Dish, Easy To Read Nutritional Information, And Variations. It’s Like Getting Free Bonus Recipes!

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Everyone loves good pasta, but not everyone has time for a complicated recipe. Lorie Dulcie is here to save dinner with 30 mouthwatering pasta and pasta salad recipes that are easy to make and taste great.

The easy to cook dishes will have you looking like a professional pasta chef. You can easily make dinners everyone will love without having to slave away for hours, hunt for obscure ingredients, or spend a fortune on kitchen gadgets.

You no longer need to spend a lot of money eating in restaurants to enjoy the exquisite flavors of the Italian cuisine. The recipes included in this book are very easy to follow and fun to prepare so you will not have any more reasons not to get started with Italian cooking.

Most pasta dishes are easy to cook, especially the common ones. They may look overwhelming to prepare due to their presentation but they are quite simple. These dishes are not only filling, they are tasty too.

Here Are Just Some Of The Mouthwatering Recipes You’ll Find Inside After Downloading This Pasta Cookbook On Kindle:

– BLT Pasta Salad
– Macaroni Salad
– Simple Tuna Pasta Salad
– Confetti Orzo Salad
– Italian Spaghetti Salad
– Easy Chicken Noodle Soup
– Souped up Tortellini
– Antipasto Pasta Salad
– Parmesan and Basil Orzo
– Slow Cooker Lasagna
– Linguine Alfredo
– Crispy Noodle Salad With Sweet and Sour Dressing
– Meatball Casserole
– Beef Ravioli in Basil-Cream Sauce
– Penne With Chicken & Broccoli Casserole
– Crab Pasta Salad
– Baked Alpine Noodles and Cheese
And many more savory recipes…

You’ll Find The Following Main Benefits in This Easy Pasta Recipes Cookbook.

=> Each recipe in this cookbook is tasty and easy to prepare.

=> Each recipe is accompanied with captivating, beautiful and colored picture of the final outcome recipe.

=> Step-by-step directions for preparing each of the recipes that makes the process of cooking much easier and quicker.

=> Ingredient for every recipe is clearly written and measurements are given in very simple and easy to understand manner.

=> The navigation between the recipes has been made super easy.

=> The cookbook comes with Linked table of contents which made jumping to your preferred and desirable recipe very easy by just clicking on the recipe.

For a full list of what you can see inside, scroll up and click on the look inside feature and check out the Table of Contents!

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