Easy DIY Valentine’s Day Gifts
Fun - December 25, 2021

There’s something about personal gifts. They mean so much more. That’s why I love these easy DIY Valentine Gifts.

Easy DIY Valentine's Day Gifts

My obsession with DIY Gifts started with How to Make Non Candy Valentine’s Conversation Starters with Recycled Crayons. That was my first time really trying Valentine’s DIY gifts for my son’s classmates.

Then I decided to make my own Valentine’s Day Gifts for people.  Candy doesn’t cut it anymore.  I guess this is what happens when you become a mother, right?


Non-Candy Preschool Gifts Under $20 + Free Printables

Fun Valentine’s Day Recipes

DIY Greeting Cards

How to Make Non Candy Valentine’s Conversation Hearts with Recycled Crayons

I used to be happy with Valentine’s chocolates and roses.  But DIY party items to make gifts are more fun.

A party shop is a good place to buy party accessories but making your kids items in your hand is a beautiful thing. Now I just want to craft with my kids. Motherhood.  It’s awesome.

DIY Valentine’s day Gifts for Him

Men like personal, handmade gifts just like women. They might like a painting of the both of you or just yourself. They are more visual too so they would like a picture.

Men definitely like desserts and are always happy to have something baked just for them. Valentine’s Day desserts are a hit with anyone.

DIY Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her

Women are very sentimental and love home made gifts from their loved ones. Below are some really fun DIY Valentine’s Day gifts for her also.

Easy DIY Valentines Day Gifts collage

From making simple soaps, Valentine’s printable crafts, mugs, DIY lip balms, body butters, Valentine’s Day Cards, essential oil face sprays and valentine candy hearts with dark and white chocolate.  The list is endless.

So, here are gifts for anyone to try, not just DIY’ers. The are the best Valentines DIY gifts for anyone.

Valentine You Rock printable

Easy and Fun You Rock Valentine Kids Paintable Craft

by ConfessionsofaDisneyaholicMom

candy hearts with chocolate for diy Valentine's Day gift

Valentines Candy Hearts with White and Dark Chocolate

by FunMoneyMom.com

3 diy marbled nail polish mugs

DIY Marbled Nail Polish Mugs

by StrengthandSunshine.com

DIY Peppermint Balm

Homemade Peppermint Lip Balm with Printable Labels

by ThriftyJinxy.com

cinnamon sticks around a candle

Easy 2 Step DIY Cinnamon Stick Candle Gift Tutorial

by TheBestVinylCutters.com

pink monster card

Handmade Valentines Card Pink Monster

by TheInspirationEdit.com

Rose water face spray with flowers

Rose Water Face Spray

by PinkFortitude.com

3 diy natural soaps with a tie around them

All Natural Homemade Bar Soap

by PinkFortitude.com

4 pink and purple stuffed cats to sew

Valentine’s Day Stuffed Animal to Sew For Kids

by Swoodsonsays.com

two children  holding hands with pink shirts with white dinasoars on

Free Valentine’s Day Dinosaur SVG / Applique

by Swoodsonsays.com

beard balm block and jar of beard balm with a vitamin next to it

DIY Beard Balm


jar with whipped body butter

Whipped Body Butter


4 lips balms with a block of beeswax in front of them

Lip Balm with Olive Oil

by TheRisingSpoon

plate of stained glass heart shaped cookies with heart shaped jam

Stained Glass Heart Cookies

by MightyMrs.com

lips shaped lip balms

DIY Lip Bombs Inspired by Kylie Jenner

by DIYBeautyBase.com

hand made body lotion in a glass jar with a yellow flower next to it

How to Make Silky DIY Body Lotion in 5 Minutes (with Coconut Oil + Aloe)

by HealthyChristianHome.com

pink rose petals on top of a salve in a jar and around the jar

Rose Petals Soothing Salve (Perfect for Glowing Sweetly Scented Skin)

by HealingHarvestHomestead.com

rose petal soup

A Hot Process Rose Petal Soap Recipe for Valentine’s Day! (You Can Make it at the Last Minute Too!)

by HealingHarvestHomestead.com

26 Easy DIY Valentines Day Gifts

Homemade Lavender Bath Salts

by MontanaHomesteader.com

heart pendents

DIY Matching Mother Daughter Necklaces

by KimandCarrie.com

bath oil recipe set  up with herbs, lemon and oil next to a bowl

DIY Bath Oil Recipe with Essential Oils

from TotalWellnessChoices

pink heart-shaped soaps

Almond Rose Petal Soaps

Find on a AModernCinderella.com

packages wrapped in brow paper and white and red ties in a basket with paper hearts stuck to it

Valentine’s Day Advent Calendar

from AModernCinderella.com

jar of pink whipped sugar scrub

DIY Whipped Sugar Scrub

by ThriftyJinxy.com

tubes of play does with valentine's day labesl

You’re A-Dough-Rable Valentine Gift Craft For Kids

by ConfessionsofaDisneyaholicMom

a paper valentine with heart shaped conversation starter recycled crayons

Finally, my DIY Valentines Gift post How to Make Non Candy Valentine’s Conversation Starters with Recycled Crayons.

The kids really loved them! So, there you go.   These are some great ideas.

Which one will you try?



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