Sparkling Strawberry Peony Smash
June 10, 2019

Today is National Iced Tea Day and I am thirrrrrrrrsssssty.  It is 100 degrees outside here in Arizona and I need to stay hydrated. I need some iced cold tea! Wouldn't is be awesome to stay hydrated and have health benefits also? Teas with antioxidants are so good for you. especially ones with high catechin levels  like White Peony Tea Crystals. White Tea is the least oxidized of all teas and contains the highest levels of precious green tea antioxidants. White Peony White Peony is favored for its rich, robust flavor. Smooth, full-bodied and fragrant.  It's delicious and refreshing. Check out this Sparkling Strawberry Peony Smash iced tea recipe from Pique Tea. [amd-yrecipe-recipe:23] Happy National Iced Tea Day? What are you making to quench your thirst?

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