DRINK UP by Julie Michaels and Ryan Michaels
Food - January 24, 2016

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Juices, Smoothies & Fruit-Infused Waters for Performance, Weight Loss, and to Look and Feel Great! [Kindle Edition]
Drink Up to get on the Health Revolution now! Julie and Ryan Michaels go through some of their favorite recipes for Juices (including GREEN JUICES!), Protein Shakes/Smoothies and Fruit-Infused Water to give you a healthy alternative to sugary soft drinks. Together, they show you multiple options to help you stick to your diet, increase your performance, live better and feel better.

-10 Juice Recipes
-10 Smoothie/Shake Recipes
-5 Fruit Infused Water Recipes

You get a full-picture look of what you’re putting in your body and why. Whether you are new to juicing/health drinks or a pro, this book gives you what you need to know to make the healthiest and tastiest drinks at home easily! Not only are the drinks delicious but they will work together with a healthy lifestyle to help you lose weight, detox your body, strengthen your immune system, improve your hair, skin and nails and increase your energy levels. Check it out today!
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