Drasmyr by Matthew D. Ryan
Free Daily Books - January 28, 2015

81yXJ5M9kpL._SL1500_(Prequel: From the Ashes of Ruin Book 0) [Kindle Edition]

A vampire does not make for easy prey …

Indeed, whether wizard or warrior wielding magic or steel, facing a vampire risks more than body or blood, more than life or limb. The night is quiet; the darkness shields death. And the curse of undeath lies in a vampire’s embrace.

In a world of vampires and wizard magic, even the mightiest warrior may fear the night …
The city of Drisdak is home to many fell things. Rumors, dark and sinister, swirl about the local wizards guild. The peasants distrust magic and those who wield it. Now, a mysterious fire has killed two men and a third is missing. One of those was the guild master, a powerful wizard. His successor wants to know what happened. Enter Coragan of Esperia, the renowned bounty hunter and his comrades: Borak the warrior, and Galladrin the rogue. If anyone can solve this riddle, they can. But are even they prepared to challenge the diabolical force lurking at the heart of the mystery? An ancient, pitiless vampire named Lucian val Drasmyr. See if wizard, rogue, and warrior are enough to defeat the terrible vampire, Drasmyr: Scroll up and download Drasmyr now.

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