Essentials For A Warm Fall Celebration
October 19, 2017

Whether hosting for friends, family, or neighbors, a few essentials will give your fall celebration just the right touch. Here are a few of our favorite items for the perfect fall celebration. Pumpkin Serving Bowls with Lids These pumpkin serving bowls from Crate & Barrel are sure to be the highlight of your fall celebration. Set them right in the middle of the table for guests to enjoy. Chocolate Dipped Dried Fruit Assortment These chocolate dipped dried fruits from are the perfect seasonal treat for adults and children alike. A premium selection of dried fruits, like figs and apricots, covered in rich chocolate are sure to satisfy your guests’ cravings for something sweet. Fall Banner This banner is the perfect addition to your fall celebration. Hang up in the …

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Bird Nest's For Easter Treats
April 9, 2017

  Everyone is getting ready for Easter and I'm still creating Easter treats, lol.  You know me, Betty Crocker.  I just love making holiday treats.  These nests are a little different from the Florida nests. Why? Because they are from up North.  Notice that they are white, which means they are covered in snow.  I might do some Florida nests too, but I didn't have any milk chocolate or dark candy melts, lol. Here is the recipe.  But I warn you, they are yummmmmmmy. [amd-yrecipe-recipe:12] They are cute for Easter decorations or Easter baskets.  The best thing is that they are colorful and tastes yummy. If your looking for a fast treat (for example, school parties), these nests are so cute. I'd love to know how it works out! Or make sure …

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How to Get Your Car Organized For the Summer
April 4, 2017

  Summer makes me happy. Literally. The smell of the ocean mixed with suntan lotion is like inhaling pure happiness. The kids' laughter as they chase each other outside with water guns and run through sprinklers is like taking a happy pill for me.  Long, hot days in Florida set us up for lots of outdoor activities.  I can't wait! There are so many things to do and places to go in Florida.  It’s a kid’s dream, from Disney to Legoland to even the local activities, like water parks and museums. We spend so much time in the car. I recently purchased a bigger car with three rows because we needed more space.  Two very active boys under the age of five keep me busy and we are always on …

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How to Have a LEGO Themed Birthday Party on a Budget
March 25, 2017

Both my boys are obsessed with LEGO.  So, when it came time for my three-year-old's Birthday Party, it was a no-brainer.  Their life revolves around LEGO.  From the minute they wake up, they play with LEGO Duplo upstairs.  Downstairs we have LEGO (Ninjago, Superheros, City).  It's not surprising that their favorite vacation spot is Legoland. Since Oliver finally understands the concept of Birthdays, I wanted to make it special.  However, having two children can make it tough on finances.  We had more elaborate parties when we had one child, but now we have two, we must cut costs and find ways to save money and have a Lego themed party on a budget. We were able to have the best Lego Birthday party ever with …

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Chick-fl-A Upcycle Challenge
March 1, 2017

Recently, I tried the Chick-fil-A Chicken Tortilla Soup.  I'm pretty picky when it comes to tortilla soup.  I like a lot of chicken in my soup and holy smokes Chick-fil-A wasn't kidding around!  This soup is delicious and hearty.  I ordered the small  wondering if I would still be hungry but it was really satisfying. Just in case I was mistaken, I went back and ordered another.  You never know, right?  I could have gotten a soup from a "good batch?" Nope, the soup was jam packed with chicken and so so yummy. Because I'm lucky enough to be a part of  the 2016-2017 Chick-fil-A Mom Panel, we were given an upcycle challenge to reuse the soup containers. Well, I love a good challenge, so I thought about it.   I …

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Making The World a Little Brighter With Sproutbrite
February 20, 2017

Henri recently got his first plant to take care of.  He was so excited.  It was the first important thing he was in charge of.  It was time.  At five years-old, I could tell he was struggling with being told what to do and how to do it all the time.  I'm 46 years-old and I still have trouble with that!  He needed to feel like he was in control of something. So, he checks on his plant and cares for it and really enjoys it.  Even his little brother knows not to touch it because it is plant.  I want to teach my kids about nature and how it important it is for us to keep it preserved.  We need to respect it. When I …

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How to Make Homemade Cranberry Nut Granola
February 14, 2017

I love granola.  I've tried so many varieties and the one I like the most is the First Watch Granola.  The thing is that it's gets expensive buying it from a restaurant just to use for your yogurt!  So I decided to make my own. It was so delicious I thought I'd put it in mason jars and give it as gifts.  So now I have to make more! haha. There's nothing better than getting a gift that is made from the heart. It's such a simple way to give something special and tasty too!  All I did was make granola and put in in mason jars.  I cut out a circle of fabric and wove it into the lid.  Then I just a put a ribbon …

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