How to make a DIY Valentine’s Garland; With so many Options!
Crafts - January 18, 2023

It’s the Valentine vibe, and you’re looking for something special. You want to spread a romantic mood with some decorations. No worries at all! Here, you will get various ways of making a DIY Valentine’s Garland.

With these simple and inexpensive DIY projects, you will definitely make it into decorations that are bursting with love. And guess what? They are fun activities for both kids and adults alike. You can fill your free time with them, especially during vacations.

DIY Valentine’s Garland

The Versatile DIY Garland

Did you know that the DIY items in the list below are not restricted to Valentine’s Day? You can benefit from the ideas below to make decorations for other occasions. You can, for example, modify some banners to fit a baby shower party or to decorate a Christmas tree.

Where to Hang These Garlands?

The main purpose of these garlands and banners is to add a romantic touch to your house on Valentine’s Day. So try to choose places where the garlands stand out and serve this purpose.

Naturally, the garland fits best at the entrance. You can hang it above the door or along doorframes. It also works well over or around windows. But you can place it elsewhere like above or along mirrors. It fits at the banister as well.

However, for a love-filled atmosphere, a great idea would be hanging the DIY Valentine’s garlands just above or near a dining table with some candles on top. This is a special way of celebrating Valentine’s Day with a touch of some homemade designs.

Since Valentine’s Day is celebrated in winter, it would be favorable to surround the fireplace with these garlands. Just prepare some banners and garlands and hang them near the fireplace to add intimacy and passion to your nesting home.

Valentine’s Day: An Occasion of Fun Activities

Who said Valentine’s Day is an occasion for couples only? Actually, it is a time when all family members can share love, and what is more exceptional than making a special DIY Valentine’s garland?

Last year, I gathered my kids and assigned them a small commission. I brought some white paint, half-inch strips, and other materials. Then, together we started making heart-shaped designs.

Later on, they got some pipe cleaners and glued them to the back of the heart that each one of them made. They put them all in a straight line, and connected them into a banner. It was a time of family fun and love at the same time.

Celebrating holidays in general and Valentine’s Day in particular does not require sophisticated and costly decorations. Instead, you can add a warm touch to your home while producing something special and love-filled, just as these DIY Valentine’s garlands and banners.

Now, at the the end of this post, the first thing to do is to check out the following list of some affiliate links. They show you how to make DIY Valentine’s decorations. It can be a garland of different colors with a clay heart or a 3-D heart for example. So suit yourself with the design of your choice.

DIY Valentine's Garland

By using as simple items as paper strips, glue gun, and cardboard, you can come up with fantastic Valentine's decorations that you can place in the living room, at the fireplace mantel, or elsewhere in your house.          

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