DIY Appreciation Gifts for Teachers (Step by Step Instructions)
Crafts - July 31, 2021

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Are you looking for appreciation gifts for teachers with step by step instructions making it a personal gift? These teacher signs are adorable and easy to make whether it’s teacher appreciation week or you just have a great teacher you want to say thanks too.

Teacher's Sign for Appreciation Gifts for Teachers
Teacher’s Sign

The school year is finally over. It’s been an interesting year; none of us will ever forget. The kids started out doing homeschooling and finally did in person schooling. Now it’s finally over.

The teachers have been amazing. They have gone above and beyond. They need a vacation.

I started substitute teaching and got a first hand glimpse into the life of teaching. It is not easy. But it is especially hard doing it through a pandemic. The teachers put their lives on the line for the sake of teaching my kids.

I wanted to make the end of the year teacher’s gifts or even for teacher appreciation day.

It was probably the most heartfelt gift I’ve given any teacher. I really wanted to make them something thoughtful and special. I wanted something personalized.

I wanted a homemade teacher’s gift. They have done so much for us. It’s just a simple token of appreciation.

So, I checked out some teacher appreciation gift ideas.

I’m not sure that they need more Starbucks gift cards, or candy or store gift cards. I think they have had enough of those kind’s of gifts and maybe by now they are redundant.

Handmade Appreciation Gifts for Teachers

wood sign with letters for Appreciation Gifts for Teachers

Handmade gifts are something they won’t forget.

If you’re looking for something handmade and personal for teacher appreciation gifts, this personalized name sign is so much fun. You can tailor it to whatever your teacher likes. And you can add a Free Printable Teacher Appreciation Gift Tag.

Find out her favorite colors and start from there. My favorite part of this sign is the detachable pen and sticky notes.

*I recommend giving them a little bag with extra velcro dots or strips.

DIY Appreciation Gifts for Teachers

Materials for appreciation gifts

Tools for appreciation gifts for teachers

You don’t need to be a professional DIY’er to do this. I am no artist.

wood plaque for for appreciation gifts

I purchased a hanging wood board from Micheal’s.

I stained the wood just to give it some texture. This is optional. I also used white spray paint to spray the wood plaque and let it dry for a few hours. We live in Arizona so it dries fast.

paint brush in paint pods

I knew her favorite color was lavender. So I tried to use those tones and painted the rulers.

painting rulers

I used lil’ watercolor paint pods. These work great because they stain the ruler and you can still tell that they are rulers even though the colors are nice and bright. You can also layer.

applying glue to wood rulers

I used Gorilla Wood Glue to stick the rulers on the sign and also the letters.

Gluing rulers to sign

Make sure to press down hard and put something heavy on top of the rulers so they stick well.

note pals on wood sign for for appreciation gifts for teachers

I added the OOLY note pals sticky tabs and OOLY sakox lollypop scented pens and used the gorilla glue to stick the velcro on the wood.

OOLY sakox lollypop scented pens

These pens are adorable.

I used the Self Adhesive Velcro Dots and Non-Adhesive Back Nylon Strips Fabric Fastener to make a detachable pen and notes.

The back of adhesive velcro is not strong enough to stick to wood so use wood glue.

yellow letters

Then I used Typewriter wood letters and spray painted them yellow.

Even though I spray painted the letters, you can also use Chunkies Paint Sticks. They are great because there is no mess and also dry fast. You can also use lil’ poster paint pods.

Also, for the period at the end of the Mrs. I just used a hole puncher and punched a hole in foam paper and used the wood glue to sick it on.

I added Pixie Paste to sparkle the letters up. They turned out so pretty!

Le Macaron Patiesserie Scented Erasers for appreciation gifts for teachers

I also added OOLY Le Macaron Patiesserie Scented Erasers.

These are so pretty and fun.

Green Le Macaron Patiesserie Scented Eraser for teachers appreciation gifts

I used the velcro strips and cut them and glued them to the rulers with the wood glue and then attached to the eraser.

I also glued the school painted pencil from Hobby Lobby.

Step by Step Instructions:

Teacher's DIY Sign

Teacher's DIY Sign

Yield: 1

Make an adorable personalized sign for teacher


    Get a hanging wood slab

    Stain the wood with any color (optional)

    Let it dry

    Spray paint the wood with color of choice

    Paint rulers with watercolors

    Let it dry

    Glue the rulers on the board

    Paint letters of choice

    Let dry

    Glue them on the board

    put velcro dots on items you want to add and detach

    add erasers using glue and velcro


Check out video on Tik Tok

I think this is the perfect gift for teachers for any occasion.


A personalized sign for a teacher appreciation gift is a gift every teacher will love.

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