Best Rock Painting Idea for Kids
Crafts - January 2, 2020

DIY Painted Rock for DIY Rock Painting Idea for Kids

I found the best rock painting idea for my boys. They love collecting rocks for DIY rock painting. This is their creative outlet. Their way to paint their thoughts and feelings on a painted rocks craft.

Pin for rock painting ideas

We are always looking for fun rock painting ideas. It’s not hard to learn how to paint rocks. Rock crafts are really popular with kids.

My boys love collecting rocks but you can also get different types of rocks like river rocks.

They can simply just paint a rock with different colors or make a specific design on the rock.

There are so many craft groups on Facebook and somehow I joined some rock painting groups.  Some of my friends were in them, so I was curious about rock painting ideas. Then I realized that there is a whole secret cult following and that people paint rocks or have story stones and leave them in places for others to find. 

The excitement that goes into creating each rock and finding out who received it is unbelievable.  People are posting every day on their findings. What a beautiful gesture to brighten up someones day.  I was intrigued.

So, I went on Pinterest, because that’s what we do when we decide to execute a creative project and I was blown away by the artwork I saw.  Then I realized that this is my kid’s project.  Let them be kids. Let them “create their happy.” 

Encourage them to be creative. It doesn’t need to be a perfect quote or a sunflower, like I saw on Pinterest.  We set off to the park to decorate rocks and their excitement bubbled over.

paints for DIY Rock Painting Idea for Kids

What to Paint Rocks With

There are so many options when it comes to what to paint with when painting rocks. There are a few things to consider; who are they for? are they indoor rocks or outdoor rocks?

Water Soluble Paints

We took Lil’ Poster Paint Pods and the Brush Works Paintbrush Set. The Lil’ Poster Paint Pods are a complete set (12) of water soluble poster paints for in reusable “paint pods.” Included in the set is a paintbrush and a convenient travel case so they don’t get lost.

Since Lil Poster Paint Pods are water soluble and will wash right out of fabrics too. We like that!

Base Coat

You can use acrylic paint for a base coat. We didn’t use any base coat on this particular day. Black is a great color for a base if you want to use bright colors like these.


There are many different sealers for rocks. It depends on if the rocks are for inside or outside, etc. Since ours are garden rocks, we chose Krylon UV-Resistant Clear sealer. I like it because it’s a spray and shines when it’s dry.

paint brushes for DIY Rock Painting Idea for Kids

Paint Brushes

The Brush Works Paintbrush Set is an all-in-one set with 7 nylon paintbrushes of different sizes and styles including small flat, small angle, extra small round, medium round, medium filbert and large flat. Just clean by rinsing with water.

OOLY products

Who to Paint with:

The kids were having so much fun, that we invited others at the park to paint with us.  What a great way to make friends!  I’m sure that when they arrived at the park they didn’t expect to go home with a beautiful painted rock!

boy smiling with paint on his face

Safe Paints

OOLY products are safe and when Oliver got paint on his face, that’s exactly what it was;  paint on his face.  We just laughed it off.  He was having too much fun to care.  OOLY uses independent and accredited laboratories to test their products for CPSIA, ASTM D-4236, ASTM F963.

What to Paint

How pretty are these rocks?  These kids decided to paint simple colorful rocks. But their are so many fun ideas for painting rocks like animals and kindness quotes (kindness rocks). They now sit in our garden outside our house. We call them garden rocks.

Boy painting a rock for DIY Rock Painting Idea for Kids

Whether the kids are painting rocks for gifts or themselves, DIY rock painting is a great meditative craft activity. I can’t wait to see what you guys paint!

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