The Best Marriage Proposal Idea Using Hot Cocoa Bomb
Drinks - February 14, 2022

What is Best Marriage Proposal Idea Using Hot Cocoa Bomb? These days we have to get creative, right? What if the proposer made his love a cup of hot chocolate with the ring inside?

cocoa bomb with marshmallows, sprinkles and an engagement ring.

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Of course, we need to take into consideration that this is a one time deal and is planned out very carefully, so that the ring appears as soon as hot milk is poured onto cocoa bomb. That way, she/he sees the ring right away!

* If you decide to make this with an item inside, plan this out carefully, and do not leave around children or animals – they are a chocking hazard.

Getting Engaged During a Pandemic

Getting engaged during a pandemic is something a lot of couples didn’t expect. Asking someone to marry you during a pandemic has been popular after couples are realizing that they may not want to keep having social distanced dates or are just ready to take that next step with the love of their life! Plus, a Valentine’s Day proposal is so romantic!

3 Cocoa Bombs

What’s the Most Romantic Way to Propose?

I really don’t know, lol. I can’t tell you from my experience; that’s for another blog post. Since we are in a Pandemic, I would assume that there are more home proposals than destination proposals.

I’ve never been one for genius proposal ideas but I sure came up with a unique marriage proposal idea for popping the question whether you are quarantining at home or on a secluded getaway. I made this “Will you marry me? Cocoa Bomb surprise.” I think it’s one of the best chocolate proposal ideas.

surprise cocoa bomb with ring inside for marriage proposal

With Cocoa Bombs going Viral this year on Tik Tok, I had to find something fun for people to come up with for a marriage proposal.

pink hot cocoa bomb with pink edible hearts and icing for marriage proposal idea

Marriage proposal ideas for at home are probably more popular now because people are not traveling so much. Cocoa bombs are easy and delicious, fun for a small party. Make sure you remember which one has the ring!

What is a Hot Chocolate Bomb?

A hot chocolate bomb ( also called a hot cocoa bomb) is a thin chocolate shell filled with cocoa powder and marshmallows. Sometimes there are other goodies added inside; this time we are putting a engagement ring charm. Depending on the flavor, there is usually some decorations on the top of them.


Semi-Sweet Lilys Baking Chips

Lily’s White Chocolate Baking Chips (optional)

Mini Marshmallows

Ghirardelli Chocolate Premium Indulgence Hot Cocoa Mix

DUST (optional)

Silacone Mold


Charm (optional)

engagement ring charm

How cute is this engagement charm? I’m sure the participant would like a real engagement ring, this is still fun.

Sunny Side Up Princess Sprinkles

I also have a bit of an obsession with these sprinkles.


Marry Me Cocoa Bomb

Marry Me Cocoa Bomb

Propsal Cocoa Bomb


  1. Melt chocolate (start with 1 min 50% power) Do not over melt - just stir lumps until meltedsilicone mold with chocolate
  2. Spoon chocolate into the mold
  3. Put molds on a tray or cutting board and into refrigerator for 30 mins
  4. Pull chocolate molds out of molds when ready using gloves (if you don't want fingerprints)
  5. Heat up a plate for 1 minutespoon of cocoa
  6. Place mold on the plate to smooth out and fill with 1 Tablespoon of Cocoa Powder
  7. Place marshmallows inside
  8. Place other half of mold on hot plate and smooth out and immediately place on top of cocoa filled mold
  9. Heat up some white chocolate chips and spoon into a ziplock bag, cut off tip and drizzle on top.
  10. Add sprinkles


Exact amounts of ingredients needed or yield may vary depending on the actual silicone mold you use. Silicone molds come in all sizes - with the one's I purchased, I used the large ones, so if you don't use the exact same one we did, you may end up needing more or less of each ingredient. I used a full tablespoon of Cocoa in each mold.

If you are drizzling the white chocolate on top of bomb, make sure it cools a little otherwise it will put a hole in the bomb

Collage for Marriage Proposal


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