27 DIY Chocolate-Covered Strawberries and More!
Holiday Recipes - January 20, 2023

This Valentine, show love to your beloved ones with some edible gifts done with great care. Instead of buying flower arrangements, teddies, or jewels, simply opt for these DIY chocolate-covered strawberries and other fresh fruit bouquets. These are definitely the best Valentine’s Day gifts.

By just preparing some gourmet chocolate and fresh fruit as succulent strawberries, you will take your lover to cloud nine with these edible arrangements. They are easy to make and taste fancy. For some extra wow, you can decorate them with delectable toppings as a milk chocolate coating.

Chocolate-Covered Fruits: The Best Gifts

Choosing a gift for a special one is undoubtedly not easy at all. What makes it hard is the inability to decide on a satisfying gift that will make a connection tighter than before. It has to do with showing great care as well.

When choosing a gift, you need to consider a number of factors. First of all, it’s all about your sweetheart’s personality. Here, you have to consider what they like, what they don’t have, and and what lifestyle they have.

Getting a gift for a beloved one is a gesture that conveys feelings. So the gift must be a signal of the care and warmth that you have for that person. That’s why making that gift yourself is a stronger gesture of deep love.

For example, preparing a box of chocolate and some Valentine’s Day fruit baskets makes it into that sort of heavenly memorable gifts. These are gourmet gifts that are second to none.  

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Why Choose Edible Gifts for Valentine’s Day?

Back then in 1861, Richard Cadbury started a new tradition that became a common flair for Valentine’s Day. He arranged gifts of heart-shaped boxes containing dazzling chocolates. Since then, chocolate has become the perfect gift for this special occasion.

If your sweetheart has some sweet tooth or is a chocolate lover, never think twice. Get them a gourmet brunch gift basket of decadent treats like these chocolate-covered strawberries and fruits that can blow their tastebuds away. This is also signal of romance and love to win your sweetheart over, especially when you hook it up with a bottle of champagne.                                                        

Valentine’s Customized Chocolate-Covered Gifts

Since chocolate is the most popular gift on Valentine’s Day, you can use it to show your lover how sweet they are. Double the sweetness by including sweet treats as fruits. Put everything together and come up with fruit arrangements having different types of chocolate. 

How can all of this take place? It is quite simple. In the list below, you will get an assortment of what is to be handcrafted gifts. They are simple DIY chocolate-covered strawberries and chocolate-dipped fruits that can beat the best chocolate-covered strawberry delivery services.

In the list below, you will find some customized, DIY fruit gift basket ideas. Let’s say your partner is on keto diet, here’s a special keto recipe of chocolate strawberries as fruit gifts. If they’re vegan, there are vegan recipes, too.

The selection of chocolate is up to you. If you want to offer something royal and your budget allows it, there is the option of including luscious Belgian chocolate or Belgian chocolate pop. This works best with a champagne gift set or white wine as well.  

Although most of the list includes juicy strawberries covered with any kind of chocolate, even dark chocolate, still you can create such gifts from other fruits. You can learn how to make double-dipped chocolate pear and chocolate pears. Bananas, pineapples, dates, and apricots are in, too. So suit yourself with the recipe of your choice.

Finally, Valentine’s Day is at the doors, and you want to make it even more special this year. Simply get some fresh strawberries, and prepare a strawberry gift basket instead of waiting for a chocolate gift basket delivery. Check out the list below for easy and guaranteed ways of making these homemade edible arrangements.

DIY Chocolate-Covered Strawberries

DIY Chocolate-Covered Strawberries



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