DIY Animal Themed Craft Using Scrabble Letters
Crafts - January 3, 2022

If you’re looking for the best teacher appreciation gifts that are easy to make and personal, check out this DIY Animal Themed Craft Using Scrabble Letters. You don’t have to be a DIY’er to do this.

sign with animal theme

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A lot of people use these letters for arts and crafts. Some people use scrabble letters for the wall in a part of their room. This is a great teacher appreciation gift idea, name sign, or door sign using scrabble letters.

You don’t need to be a professional DIY’er to do this. I am no artist. But we have already done signs using rulers, candy themed items, and a sign with wood letters and macron erasers. They all turned out super cute and the teachers were thrilled.

Check out this DIY Animal Themed Craft Using Scrabble Letters

Materials for DIY Animal Themed Craft Using Scrabble Letters

yellow tiger stencil with paint pods

Tools for Craft Using Scrabble Letters

Directions for DIY Craft

wood sign with two wood stains

I stained the wood just to give it some texture. This is optional. I also used white spray paint to spray the wood plaque and let it dry for a few hours. We live in Arizona so it dries fast.

two paint pods

Paint the rulers with lil’ watercolor paint pods

Use Gorilla Wood Glue to stick the rulers on the sign, the letters and the stencil.

You can tape the leopard stencil on the wood to paint the print.

stencil and paint for

I used scrabble letters to spell the name.

scrabble letters

These note pals sticky tabs – colorful pencils are adorable!

sign with note pals, leopard paint, scrabble letters and a lion and tiger.

I glued this tiger stencil also with the wood glue.

tiger stencil

I got the Self Adhesive Velcro Dots to make a detachable pen and notes.

note pals with pen on a sign

Use velcro dots to stick Tiger eraser.

orange lion eraser

There you go! Isn’t this a cute sign? It isn’t limited to teacher though, kids would love this animal themed sign for their rooms.

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