Dividers by Travis Adams Irish
Free Daily Books - January 11, 2015

81Uw76KX30L._SL1500_Kindle Edition

Doing the right thing…in the wrong moment…can destroy an empire. Dividers is ferocious and delicious in its execution.

Earl Calbraw, a wealthy man seeking redemption, has discovered that his most cruel and resourceful enemy is none other than his own son Jacob. With both of them controlling massive fortunes, their personal feud decimates the lives of those in their employ. Jacob wants the truth from twelve years ago; regarding the disappearance of his mother, while his father pursues the forgiveness of a world scarred by the greed of his ambition. Each man is mindlessly caught up in the passion of the game, having at one another with ferocity and cunning, but in the throes of their hatred, another enemy is born, discerning and ruthless, inspired unto their destruction…

“I despise your plight,” said the creature, “of man’s vanity and the machinations of death polluted. You have neither the wisdom, nor the time on this earth to know the agony that my agony has shaken. Your foolish little versions of hell are but childish notions of your own distress. Come to dance with me on the edge of night… I will show you the swordfish in your flesh!” –Thretch.

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