Discover Bisbee, Arizona: 59 Things to Do in This Breathtaking Town
Arizona - June 10, 2023

Bisbee, Arizona, a charming town nestled in the picturesque Mule Mountains, has recently undergone a revitalization, offering visitors a fresh perspective and a wealth of exciting activities. With its rich history, vibrant arts scene, and breathtaking landscapes, Bisbee is a must-visit destination for travelers seeking an eclectic mix of experiences.

Bisbee, Arizona downtown

I recently explored some of the town’s little gems and can’t wait to show you the top things to do in Bisbee.

Copper Queen Hotel

Places to Stay in Bisbee:

  1. Copper Queen Hotel – This historic building overlooks the bustling downtown and offers guests all the modern comforts of home. Old Bisbee Inn – Located at the base of Brewery Gulch, this boutique hotel features quaint rooms with antiques decorating each room.
  2. The Shady Dell RV Park & Campground – Ideal for outdoor enthusiasts, The Shady Dell features a collection of vintage Airstreams and unique camping experiences.
  3. Bisbee Loft on Main Street – This hip and trendy hotel offer unique lodging experiences in the heart of downtown.
  4. Greenway Manor – Located in the heart of historic Bisbee, this elegant bed and breakfast provides guests with a luxurious escape.
  5. Bisbee Grand Hotel – Located in the heart of downtown, this hotel offers guests stylish and comfortable accommodations at an affordable rate.
  6. Hotel San Ramone – This boutique hotel offers guests a unique stay with luxurious amenities, including a spa and bar.
  7. The Jonquil Motel – Serving travelers since 1936, The Jonquil Motel is Bisbee’s oldest continuously operating hotel.
Hotel San Ramone

Immerse Yourself in Live Music:

Bisbee’s live music scene is thriving, attracting both local talents and renowned artists. The Bisbee Courtyard, a beloved venue, hosts regular performances, ranging from folk and jazz to rock and blues. It’s common to see someone playing on the streets or at the back of Bisbee Coffee Company.

Places to see live music:

  1. Bisbee Coffee Company – tucked away in a quaint corner of downtown, this cafe is an ideal spot to hear live music. Local musicians play bluesy tunes 7 days a week and offer a relaxed atmosphere.
  2. The Bisbee Courtyard- Located on the main street of town, this outdoor venue is a great place to catch some live performances.
  3. The Copper Queen Hotel & Saloon– Enjoy craft beer and spirits in an old-world setting while listening to country, rockabilly, and more.

Explore the Local Art Scene:

Bisbee’s art scene is vibrant and diverse. From photography to paintings to sculptures, you’ll find various engaging works throughout the town. Stop by local galleries like Copper City Art and Design, where you can browse the works of artists from Bisbee and beyond. Or take a stroll through the galleries in Brewery Gulch, where you’ll find an array of unique creations.

Art Galleries in Bisbee

  1. Bellezza Art Gallery – This gallery features a wide selection of art from local and international artists (26).
  2. Artemizia Foundation– Gallery 818 – This arts and culture center showcases emerging artists from the Bisbee area.
  3. Sam Poe Gallery – home to contemporary artists Sam Dismuke and his wife Sam Woolcott.

Take a Hike in Bisbee:

Whether you’re looking for an easy stroll or a challenging trek, Bisbee has something for all types of hikers. From the Garden Canyon Trail, which offers sweeping views of the surrounding mountains, to Lavender Pit Trails with its abundance of wildlife and bird species, you won’t be disappointed. No matter your skill level, take some time to explore Bisbee’s natural beauty on foot.

Places to Take a Hike

  1. The Great Stair Climb – This trail takes you up through the Mule Mountains for breathtaking views of Bisbee.
  2. Youngblood Hill – This moderate trek offers a variety of landscapes and stunning views.
  3. Chiuwawa HIll – the red hill with a B on it – This short and easy nature trail takes you up a hill to the city lookout point.
  4. North Tombstone Canyon – Enjoy a leisurely walk or take on a more challenging trek along this 3.7-mile loop trail near Bisbee.
Copper Mine

Visit Historical Sites:

Bisbee has seen its share of history, and you can learn about the town’s past by visiting some of its most notable sites. Take a tour of Copper Queen Mine and get an up-close look at life underground during the mining boom.


Or stroll through Old Bisbee and admire the historic buildings that line the streets. If you’re feeling adventurous, hop on board the iconic San Rafael Valley Railroad for a scenic journey to the town of Lochiel.

Historical Sites to Visit in Bisbee:

  1. Copper Queen Mine– Take a tour of this abandoned mining site and explore the history of Bisbee’s copper industry. Bisbee is known for its copper mining heritage and there’s no better place to get a glimpse of that history than the Copper Queen Mine. Here, you can take an underground tour and learn all about the remarkable work it took to mine deep into the earth.
  2. Lavender Pit – This open-pit copper mine served as a primary source of income for the town during its heyday. Today, it is a popular destination for hikers and photographers alike.
  3. Lowell – Stop by Eri Street in Lowell to explore the rich history of this once-thriving mining town. This historic neighborhood has been preserved and now offers visitors a glimpse into Bisbee’s past. You’ll see restored buildings, many of which date back to the 1880s, as well as several art galleries, boutiques, and restaurants.
  4. Old Bisbee- Wander the streets of this historic town and admire its old Victorian architecture.
  5. Bisbee Mining & Historical Museum– Get an in-depth look at the history of Bisbee by exploring artifacts, documents, and photographs on display here.
  6. Tombstone Courthouse State Historic Park– Step back in time with a visit to this well-preserved building, which once housed the court of the former mining camp. Check out a live gunfight.
  7. Bisbee Historic District- Meander through this area to explore its many buildings and monuments, including the Copper Queen Hotel.

Visit Local Breweries:

If you’re looking for some craft beer in Bisbee, you won’t be disappointed. With a growing number of breweries popping up around town, you’ll find plenty of options for a cold one. Visit local favorites like Dragoon Brewing for flavorful brews and live music events. Or head to Old Bisbee Brewing Company and sample their cask ales, brewed with barley shipped directly from Scotland.

No matter what your preference is, Bisbee has plenty of opportunities to sample the town’s craft beer. So go ahead and try a few of the unique flavors that only Bisbee can offer.

Local Breweries to Visit in Bisbee:

  1. Old Bisbee Brewing Company– Sample cask ales brewed with barley imported from Scotland in this cozy atmosphere. .
  2. Brewery Gulch – Sample a selection of craft beer and spirits in an old-world setting while listening to country, rockabilly, and more.
  3. Electric Brewing – Enjoy a variety of house-made beers and specialty cocktails in this lively taproom.
  4. Bisbee Grand Hotel – Stop by for handcrafted ales, lagers, stouts, and more brewed right onsite.

Visit Local Shops:

Classic rock coutour

From unique boutiques to vintage stores, Bisbee is the perfect place to go shopping. With an array of local shops and galleries, you can find something special for everyone. Stop by places like Mule Mountain Emporium to browse their collection of handmade goods from around the world. Or head to Copper Country Antiques for some one-of-a-kind finds.


Local shops to visit:

  1. Mule Mountain Emporium– Browse this shop’s collection of handmade goods from around the world.
  2. The Mercantile– Boutique is located in the shopping mall in Bisbee.
  3. Miner’s & Merchant’s Antique Center – 3 floors, also known as “Floyd’s Store.”
  4. Classic Rock Couture – New and vintage threads. Awesome music and fun gifts.
  5. Gallery 55 Main Imports – We went back to this place numerous times. The owner is lovely.

Don’t forget Bisbee’s Best Arts & Crafts Fair- Visit this annual event to browse handmade items from local artisans and craftspeople.

You also have the Farmer’s Market – every Saturday from 9-1.

Bisbee has something to offer no matter what type of shopping experience you’re looking for. So don’t forget to explore the town’s unique stores and galleries – you never know what special finds you might stumble upon!

Visit Local Festivalsin Bisbee:

If you’re looking for a unique way to experience Bisbee, don’t miss out on the town’s local festivals. From art shows and music fests to historical celebrations, you can find something special this time of year in Bisbee. No matter what time of year you visit, there’s always something special happening in Bisbee. So don’t forget to check out some of the area’s festivals for an unforgettable experience!

Local festivals to visit:

  1. Bisbee Indie Music Festival- Enjoy live music from local artists at this festival in May.
  2. Mariachi Festival – Proceeds will benefit the Bisbee Coalition for the Homeless.
  3. Bisbee Blues Festival– Relish a weekend of blues music and delicious food every January.
  4. Bisbee Poetry Festival– Listen to performances from local poets and writers during this August event.
  5. Bisbee Pride Festival– Join the community in celebrating diversity and inclusion with this annual event.

So whether you’re looking for music, art, or history, make sure to check out Bisbee’s local festivals – it’s a great way to experience the town!

Don’t forget the famous Bisbee 1000 Stair Climb– Take part in this annual charity race up the 1,000 stairs of Old Bisbee.

cafe Corniucopia

Restaurants in Bisbee

  1. Le Cornucopia Cafe – A great lunch spot with great reviews and featured in Forbes as the best sandwich shop in Bisbee.
  2. Screaming Banshee Pizza – Good pizza, if you want chicken wings call before you go – they may be out!
  3. Thuy’s Noodle Shop -Popular dishes are chicken curry and spring rolls.
  4. The Table – The bread pudding is to die for!
  5. Cafe Roca – The locals say it’s so good, you have to make a reservation day ahead of time.
  6. Bisbee Breakfast Club – With 8 locations in Arizona, knows for its classic Copper Queen Skillet or the Miner Burger.
  7. St Elmo Bar – The oldest bar in Bisbee, with its iconic wooden exterior. Check out their pool tournament every Tuesday.
  8. The Copper Pig – Upscale comfort food.
  9. Poco Restaurant + Market – Vegan restaurant & grocery, with a selection of wine and beer.
  10. Mile High MunCheese – Specialty grocery store with cheese, wine, smoked fish, charcuterie, etc.
  11. High Desert Market and Cafe – Locally sourced grocery store, cafe and bakery. The berry scones are amazing!

Local Places to Visit After Dark

Finally, don’t forget to explore all that Bisbee offers after dark. With a vibrant nightlife scene, you’ll find plenty of places to eat, drink, and dance the night away.

cafe Roka

Visit local favorites like The Quarry for craft cocktails and live music or head to Boondocks Patio & Grill for some late-night grub. No matter what your idea of nightlife is, you’re sure to find something to enjoy in Bisbee!

  1. The Quarry– Enjoy craft cocktails and live music at this local favorite.
  2. Chuckleheads – Pull up a seat at this popular comedy club and laugh the night away
  3. Sean and Winnie – Enjoy live music, karaoke, and dancing at this popular spot.
  4. The Stock Exchange Saloon – Bisbee’s oldest bar offers live music, a pool, and more.
  5. Bisbee Grande Saloon – Dance the night away at this popular spot.
  6. Bisbee Royale – Hang out with locals or catch a live show at this downtown venue.
  7. Laughing Schooner Saloon– Listen to acoustic music and enjoy craft beers at this rustic saloon.
  8. Room 4 Bar – Listen to live music and order some tasty bar food at this spot. So if you’re looking for a night out, make sure to check out Bisbee’s vibrant nightlife scene – you won’t regret it!
  9. Café Roka– Enjoy the eclectic menu and cozy atmosphere of this popular restaurant.

So if you’re looking for some nightlife fun, explore Bisbee after dark – it’s the perfect way to end a great day in town!

Lowell, Arizona

Take a Scenic Drive:

Embark on a memorable scenic drive through Bisbee and its surroundings. As you wind your way through the picturesque Mule Mountains, you’ll witness stunning vistas, rugged landscapes, and charming mining remnants. Don’t miss the panoramic views from the historic Greenway Manor, offering a glimpse into Bisbee’s storied past.

Grab a Coffee

coffee patio

Coffee Shops to Visit in Bisbee

  1. Bisbee Coffee Company– Inside the mall and outside the mall on a corner with a back area with tables and chairs. There is a stage also for live music but you will probably catch some locals stringing their guitars and smoking pot. It’s very laid-back outside. They have great coffee and a fantastic chocolate frappuccino.
  2. Kafka Cafe -nibble on delicious pastries and sip gourmet coffee in this European-style cafe.
  3. Old Bisbee Roasters -Enjoy locally roasted coffee and hearty breakfast dishes at this cozy cafe.

No matter what your preference may be, you can find something to suit your caffeine craving in Bisbee! Whether you’d like a light snack or a full-on meal, the local cafes have plenty of options that will provide the perfect pick-me-up for exploring all day.

Check out Tombstone, Arizona.

Tombstone is a must-see destination for anyone who wants to explore the Wild West. Situated in the southeastern part of Arizona, this town has a rich history and cultural heritage that dates back to the late 1800s when it was founded. Here visitors can find a unique blend of Old West charm, modern amenities, and a variety of entertainment options.

Check out a Gunfight at Tombstone

Go on a Tombstone Walking Tour

Visit the OK Coral for a Show

Bisbee, Arizona, with its new look and exciting offerings, is a hidden gem that combines history, culture, and natural beauty. From live music and scenic drives to authentic Mexican cuisine and engaging historical experiences, this charming town has something for everyone.

Explore Bisbee’s favorite features, embrace the local spirit, and create lasting memories in this captivating destination. Plan your visit to Bisbee today and embark on an unforgettable journey through the heart of Arizona.

Check out the Bisbee Tourism Center

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