Diorskin Nude Air Serum Foundation and Healthy Glow Powders
Makeup & Beauty - February 9, 2015


Anyone that knows me knows that I like the “no makeup” look.  I love makeup but I don’t like a lot on me.  I love that fresh, young, radiant look. I’m always chasing it.  And if I can have it all- I will.  I’m turning 44 in just a couple weeks and I continue to get compliments on my skin.  But I love a natural glow. So pretty.  And to make sure I achieve that, my long time friend Robert Steven Munoz, Dior Show Artist recommended Dior Nude Air Serum Foundation and the Healthy Glow Powders.

Dior introduces Oxygen Activ™ technology -a combination of hyperoxygenated oil, cranberry oil, vitamins and minerals that breathes vital enery into the complextion. To compliment and mattify the foundation is the Diorskin Nude Air Powder which transparently sets it.  It has active mineral water to energize the skin and sweet orange extract to help boost microscirculation for that healthy glow.  It also has Viamins C & E to help protect skin from free radicals caused by pollution.  And what is a healthy glow without a touch of sun?  That’s where the Diorskin Nude Air Tan Powder comes in.  When I added the Tan Powder it was so beautiful and subtle and gave me that sunkissed look without the sun.  I don’t think I could leave it out of my daily regimen.

The Diorskin Nude Air Serum Foundation comes in eight colors and retails for $53.  Apply 2-3 drops on fingertips and massage in.  You can also apply 2-3 drops in the palm of your hand and use a Foundation Brush to apply.  Personally, I like to use the Kabooki Brush and warm it up in the palm of my hand to give that air brush look.  Either way, the result is flawless and beautiful. Don’t forget to use Dior Skinflash to illuminate. covers-Y0712400-F071240002

The Diorskin Nude Air Healthy Glow Pressed Powders come in six shades, including three tan powders and retail for $58.

The Diorskin Nude Air Healthy Glow Loose Powders come in four shades and retail for $60.

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