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Reviews - February 2, 2015

91p+F1-iQbL._SL1500_Lingerie Bags for Laundry, Set of 4 Garment, Blouse, Hosiery, Stocking, Underwear, Bra & Lingerie Wash Bag. Protect Your Fine Clothes In The Washer With Luxurious, Robust, Zippered Mesh. Extend Garment Life, Safely Separate Colors. 365 Day “Smart-Wash” Guarantee!

I’ve always admitted that I wasn’t the best homemaker, especially when it came to laundry.  But lately I have been trying to be more successful in the department of laundering. I was about to do laundry the other day and found my old laundry bag- it’s been traveling from washer back to laundry hamper for a while now.  I couldn’t believe what I was using. It was in a really sad state, so bad it needs it’s own laundry bag to wash… I was in dire need of an upgrade.  So when I recieved my Laundry Bags from Inside Smarts, I was pleased with how luxuriuous they look.  And why shouldn’t they? They’re for delicates.  It makes sense.

I received a package of four; one large black, another large white one, and two medium ones.  They are made with premium grade mesh so they are strong and durable. 1e056313cf4c6017df4d1c5a2a8c68f98e17acd1

I decided to wash my brand new Lulu Lemon Dance Jacket that I recieved for Christmas as a gift.  I love their workout clothes.  I look so good in them.  It’s too bad I don’t work out.  I’ve been waiting to wash it just to try out the Inside Smarts Laundry bags. I trusted my precious Lulu Lemon jacket would be safe in the large black laundry bag.  I secured the zipper as instructed and placed my jacket in the bag.  When I took it out, I took a close look at it and it looked as new as it did off the shelf.  I didn’t have any doubt it wouldn’t.  There were no snags and it wasn’t loud in the washing maching. I am really pleased with the Inside Smarts laundry bags and would recommend them to my friends and family.

Inside Smarts list of  Laundry Love pointers on how to make best use of your new Premium Wash Bag Set.

Zipper: Before putting your Wash Bag into the machine, secure the zipper under its elastic Smart-Guard. This will keep the zipper free of snags during the cycle, guarantee a quiet washing, and prolong the life of the bags & adjacent clothing.
Volume: Don’t Overstuff your Wash Bags. Take advantage of all 4 bags in the set, to allow garments ample room in the bags for the perfect wash.
Care: Hang dry or use a low heat dryer setting to dry bags. Proper care will ensure a long & useful life for your #1 Wash Bags.
Lights & Darks: Separating lighter and darker colors with the appropriate bags keeps your brights brighter & can reduce domestic bickering over bled colors! 😉

Rest assured, your delicates will be treated as such in the Inside Smarts Laundry Bags.
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Here is Nikki Jacobs, the founder of Inside Smarts Laundry Bags.

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