Dash Diet Slow Cooker Recipes by Brittany Davis
Recipes - January 19, 2016



Refreshingly Delicious and Flavorful Recipes From Heaven [Kindle Edition]



Heart disease is something we should all, pardon the pun, take to heart. Last year, it was the leading cause of death in the United States, accounting for more than 600 thousand of them. It’s possible that for this year, it will still be the unfortunate and undisputed leader in mortality.

Of all heart diseases, hypertension is the most prevalent. The bad news is, as blood pressure continues to increase and stay highly elevated, the risk of heart damage goes up as well. But there’s good news too.

Preventable. Reversible.

Hypertension can be prevented and if you’re already suffering from it, can be reversed by living a healthy lifestyle, which is includes eating healthy and regularly exercising.

This book will help you to eat your way to a healthy blood pressure and a healthy heart.

The Secret To Healthy Eating

Many people embark on healthy eating programs with gnarly a chance of long-term success. Why? Because of the popular old-school thinking that healthy eating means bland and tasteless foods. Eating the same bland and tasteless foods will eventually result in taste fatigue and cause people to not only quit, but to binge right after.

The secret for successfully sustaining a healthy eating program is to make it delicious. And that’s what this book is about.

The DASH diet is one that’s specifically geared towards lowering a person’s blood pressure through healthy eating. When combined with a sound exercise program, the results can be nothing short of amazing.

In this book, you will learn super delicious recipes that will not only help you stay in the diet, it will make you want to stay!

Practical. Delicious. Healthy.

All the DASH diet recipes in this book have been tried and tested to provide not just gustatory delight, but health benefits as well, including a lower blood pressure. But don’t just take our word for it. See for yourself. Grab a copy of this book now and experience the joys of deliciously healthy living.

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